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"Motley Beasts"

Stacy Lewis is a North Carolina artist. Her watermedia paintings reflect her love of animals. While they are built on a solid drawing foundation, their dramatic color, textural collage and animated whimsy make them unique. 
      Each painting combines a wide variety of elements. The canvas is first covered with paper, then loose watercolor washes are applied for an underpainting. Acrylic paints, soluble pencils, inks and other watermedia are used in later layers to build up rich, luminous colors. Paper, metallic paints or textured foil are sometimes used for focal objects, and the final work is varnished for protection.
        Samples of her work can be found at

STONE SPEAK with Sept featured artist: Sharon Blessum
- EDDY DAVIS, live music 3 - 5pm

Sept. 12 - FAIRY FLAIRE adds sparkles to hair 2 - 5pm
Reservations requested: (919) 883-2775 or
              Finklepott's Original Fairy Hair™ - is the finest quality fairy hair. We proudly and exclusively use Finklepott's Original Fairy Hair ™, which we tie to one strand of hair. It will last until that strand of hair falls out. It can last months or a day...when you lose that hair, who can say? You can wash it, brush it, comb it, curl it, color it, straighten it blow it dry, get a haircut with it in. Do whatever you normally do to your hair but most of all, enjoy it!

Sept. 18–LAURA THURSTON Folk Music Originals 
7 – 9pm      Laura brings multi-instrumentalism to a new level! You will be enthralled when you see this lovely lady rappin’ on a suitcase kick drum with one foot and tappin’ on a tambourine with the other; all the while, hands on her guitar and mouth on her harp. On top of that, Laura then adds sweet sugary vocals to her acoustic Folk-Grass mix while giving energy and presence to capture your attention. 
         This talented musician launched her solo career in 2011, performing up and down the east coast. With her original ideas and talented executions this one woman band is sure to dazzle any audience. Laura Thurston has her own unique style from a vintage era that will enliven you and have you feelin’ fine.  
To hear a sample :                  

Sept 19-  7 - 9pm
September Featured Artist Reception:  Sharon Blessum 'Stone Speak'  
               Book and Oracle Cards               music with Gregory Blaine, Joe Woodson, DG Chandler, and Amy Durso  
Sharon's new work, STONE SPEAK, will be unveiled on Sunday Sept. 6 from 12 – 5pm.  In lieu of a reception, a gala event will be held September 19, 7 – 9pm where Sharon will read from her new book 'Stone Speak: Guide to Inner Wisdom' and share her related Oracle Cards.  There will be delicious refreshments by CarrieO and live music by Gregory Blaine, Joe Woodson, DG Chandler and Amy Durso.

October 4  Featured Artist Reception: Kate Ladd Acrylic Painting, 1- 3pm
Oct. 9 - 11 9th ANNIVERSARY Weekend, TBA
November 1     Florence Johnson    Watercolor and India Ink, 1 - 3pm 

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