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(2015 Calendar Below)


                   March Hares ~  paintings and clay

Rabbits have long been a favorite subject. Those ears! My first attraction came as a kid when I learned from a Chinese restaurant menu that I was born in the Year of the Rabbit. Then in elementary school, I had the good luck to draw our school mascot, a Jack rabbit, which later became the school’s logo. 

This group of rabbit paintings started as a theme for a show at the MadHatter Bakeshop and Cafe in Durham. “Alice in Wonderland,” the white rabbit, and off I went. Some of that original group have sold, and I’ve added some to this mix. 

A friend pointed out that rabbits can be a symbol of listening. I like that, too.

Eating Gluten Free
 A talk by Laurie Chapman, Naturopathic Doctor
Tuesday March 31, 7 - 8pm

There is much discussion about gluten these days so let's talk about why you might consider a gluten free lifestyle.  Laure is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing here in Pittsboro.  For more information about Naturopathic Mdeicine, please go to naturopathic. org.           RSVP: to Dr. Chapman, (919) 480-9119

April 3    Joyful Dance Company: Work in Progress with Steve Clarke
               8-9 PM live dance and video performance 
April 5    Featured Artist Reception: Orlan Johnson  Wood Turning
April 5   Maryphyllis Horn “Whispering With Animals” book reading  
April 17 30 Cora Food Pantry “Empty Bowls” Auction items on display
April 26 Vision & Voice presentations:  Writers & Visual Artists 3 – 5pm
May 3    Featured Artist Reception: Nancy L Smith  Water Media Painting May 3 – Joe Woodson “American Originals” live music, 3 – 4pm
May 17 – Maggi Grace “Sixth Sense Caring: Stories of Creative Eldercare”                 3-4  pm workshop and book reading
June 7    Featured Artist Reception: Andrea Batsche    Fiber Art 
June 13 – Fairy Hair Flare comes to Joyful Jewel
                 2 – 5pm; appointments every 10 minutes 
June 20 – “Women Awaken Contributors” with Anora McGaha 
                 and other NC writers of poetry and prose  2 – 4pm
July 5  Featured Artist Reception:Beth Bale Painting
August 2 Featured Artist Reception: Stacey Lewis Painting                        Sept 20  Featured Artist Reception: Sharon Blessum Stone Speak 
              Book & Oracle Cards       
Sept. – Laura Thurston “Folk Music Originals” 7 – 9pm
October 4  Featured Artist Reception: Kate Ladd Acrylic Painting
Oct. 17 – “Women Awaken Contributors” with Anora McGaha  
                 poetry and prose readings, 2 – 4pm
November 1     Florence Johnson    Watercolor and India Ink  
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