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(2015 Calendar Below)

Nancy L Smith
Nancy L Smith
"Toward the Light"
Nancy L. Smith
Figuratively Speaking
Reception May 3, 1 – 3pm
at the Joyful Jewel

In this work, Nancy explores the language of the human form in a variety of mixed media painting techniques. Using line and texture, she contrasts the fluidity of inner growth against the solidity of exterior stillness. The addition of totems in many of the works adds another layer for the viewer's individual translation. Her work is both contemplative and exciting.

Sun. May 17,     3:00 - 4:00 pm
Maggi Grace   Book Reading/Discussion
  Maggi Grace will read from her new book Sixth Sense Caring:  Stories of Creative Eldercare.
          Do you know your child’s or your partner’s or your father’s favorite music?  Do they know the little things that bring you comfort when you are sick?
     As caregivers, one of our goals is to help our loved one feel recognized. It is rewarding for both parties when we find a way to turn a mundane task into an engaging, personal exchange. Please join us for a lively, interactive discussion, as we begin to develop our ‘sixth sense’ for making good and inspired choices along the changing route of every caregiving experience.
May 17 – Maggi Grace “Sixth Sense Caring: Stories of Creative Eldercare”                 3-4  pm workshop and book reading
June 7    1-3 PM  Featured Artist Reception: Andrea Batsche, Fiber Art 

June 7    Marie Vanderbeck, Singer/Songwriter
3:30-5    Traditional, Gospel, Original
5:30-6   Join in the Jam--Bring your own instruments & voice

June 13 – Fairy Hair Flare comes to Joyful Jewel
                 2 – 5pm; appointments every 10 minutes 
Reservations Requested
Call (919) 883-2775 or email

 Finklepott's Original Fairy Hair™ - is the finest quality fairy hair. We proudly and exclusively use Finklepott's Original Fairy Hair ™, which we tie to one strand of hair. It will last until that strand of hair falls out.

Anora McGaha and other NC writers     June 20,  2 – 4pm

July 5  Featured Artist Reception:Beth Bale Painting,1 -3 3pm
August 2 Featured Artist Reception: Stacy Lewis Painting, 1 - 3pm  
Sept. 6 - Eddy Davis, live music 3 - 5pm
Sept. 18– Laura Thurston Folk Music Originals 7 – 9pm                     
Sept 19 Featured Artist Reception: Sharon Blessum Stone Speak 
              Book & Oracle Cards, with musicians, 7 - 9pm       
October 4  Featured Artist Reception: Kate Ladd Acrylic Painting, 1- 3pm
Oct. 9 - 11 9th ANNIVERSARY Weekend, TBA
Oct. 17 – “Women Awaken Contributors” with Anora McGaha  
                 poetry and prose readings, 2 – 4pm
November 1     Florence Johnson    Watercolor and India Ink, 1 - 3pm 
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