Belinda Hardin, Pottery

I make wheel thrown stoneware pottery.  The pastel blue/green pieces are spray glazed with some different glazes.  My inspiration comes from the colors of this local area and traditional forms.  Some pieces are textured with sodium silicate that creates a contrast between a blue/green palette and brown. Belinda Hardin, Pottery

Razzle Dazzle to Chic – Fashion & Jewelry

Shuga likes to imagine all the soft knitted, felted, sewn items are toys………but this month even she has to back up and stand at attention to honor our fabric artists and jewelers. Our featured wall displays several ensembles, with mannequins and jewelry cases to delight your fancy for Christmas shopping. Come in and be amazed!  

Books by Local Authors

Variety of Books by Local Authors at the Joyful Jewel Any one of these books would be a perfect gift for the reading pleasure of someone in your life.  Topics just in this small selection include mystical novel, poetry, business success, spiritual biography, murder mystery, essay on death, a fabulous cookbook and an interpreted book […]