Kathy Morgan, Painting

Kathy Morgan studied fine arts at Wayne State University in Michigan.  She says: Most of my drawings are inspired by nature, mostly animals and plants.  I also enjoy drawing still life.  I use mainly oil-based prisma color pencils . . . initially sketching lightly, then gently adding layer upon layer of color until the drawing […]

Douglas Maccardini, Lab Tube Lamp

Douglas Maccardini just keeps coming in to the Joyful Jewel with fun new lamps.This one has a stately scientific lab look. Would be great in a studio or office where you wish to cook up some alchemy, one of those light-bulb moments. Actually this one sold, but there is another with a similar flavor. ~~~ […]

Anne Pilgrim Stained Glass Boxes & Frames

Anne Pilgrim has brought in some new items. Now at the Joyful Jewel, we have her stunning stained glass boxes and picture frames. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our newsletter. The Joyful Jewel Website Connect with Owner Mariah Wheeler on LinkedIn

60 Yr Pen Pal buys Rachel Bass necklace

More experiences from the Joyful Jewel: A woman just came in and bought a necklace for her pen pal. She has been corresponding with this friend from England since they were both in 3rd grade. She finally met her last year in England. The pen pals are both turning 70 this year!  She bought a […]

Douglas Maccardini “Earth Observer”

Looking a bit like a Time Machine, this sculpture by Douglas Maccardini titled “Earth Observer” has it’s own table and globe.  You can pick just where you want to go and then keep track of the time you spend there with the hourglass.  There are tools to use on your trip and even a face […]

Annie Cramer, Greeting Cards

I like to experiment and overlap layers; create patterns, contrast shapes against lines and play with textures; whether abstract techniques to see if I can create realism.  Other times, I contrast realistic images with abstract mark making and experimentation.  And sometimes, I just want to illustrate a moment in time.  

Patrick Hitesman “Dawn Sail”

“Dawn Sail,” an oil painting on canvas by Patrick Hitesman is just one of the boat paintings he has a the Joyful Jewel.  This is so bright and inviting, a scene of awesome passion and a forecasting of a good sailing day. Let’s go! ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call […]