Bronwyn Merritt, Painting

  I like to work in series, and generally have two or more themes going at one time. Most of my work is colorful, painterly figures and still-life subjects. Currently I am focusing on a floral series and another of abstracted female figures. I do have card sets, and occasionally prints are available. Past series […]

Beverly Milton, Origami Boxes & Peace Cranes

         My favorite classes always had something to do with art, and oriental art in particular.  So when my husband was asked by the National Academy of Science to study the after effects of radiation from the atomic bomb that fell on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I was very pleased. […]

Debbie Englund “The Road I Travel” print

“The Road I Travel” is something completely new from Debbie Englund who recently completed a BFA degree in art. She is known well for her pottery especially the whimsical face mugs. This piece is not clay though; it is a print. Here is what she says about it: “The prints (dry point, ink wash and mud […]

Terri Lange, “Boss” painting

Despite the washout of my camera flash, some of you may relate to this complicated painting by Terri Lange, titled “Boss.” I thought Monday a good to to share it. Who can relate to it as boss themselves? When I was a boss I could relate to the myriad of issues and details to had […]

Jennifer Strickland, Purse Hanger & Dichroic Bracelet

Jennifer Strickland has some new products at the Joyful Jewel. The first is a purse hanger and the second a new type of bracelet. All feature her beautiful fused dichroic glass. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our newsletter. The Joyful Jewel Website […]

DG Chandler, new Sterling Silver & Gemstone Jewelry

Here are a few the DG Chandler‘s newest pieces of Sterling Silver and Gemstone jewelry– stunning all! The flower is Amethyst, the ridges piece is Strata Jasper with Peach Moonstone, and the swirly landscape is Starry Jasper with Carnelian. He’s been a busy and prolific creator, while still taking his time to be masterful in […]

Helen Buiskool, New Nature Paintings

  Just look at the beauty what Helen Buiskool has created!  Her muse, Nature, has engaged her in rapt attention and deftly moved her hands and paints to show the intimate majesty of flowers, plants and trees.  We merely need to attend to Helen’s revelations to find our own new insights.  One favorite thing I […]

Karen Wagner, Crochet Hats

Each hat is designed by me, with the main variations being color, hatband and sometimes attachments such as flowers.  I try not to duplicate designs, beyond a basic one-color hat, making each hat as unique as possible. Hats are made using 100% cotton yarn and are machine wash and dryable (some adornments may need to […]

Kelley Hunter and Maria Tadd, Different & Similar

Such differences in the same category, painting.Both are masters of their art. Kelley Hunter paints layered acrylic abstracts and Maria Tadd paints layered watercolors. Kelley typically has no idea of what the painting will be when she start starts.The result is intuitive and up to the viewer’s interpretation, a thoughtful response. For Maria Tadd, animals […]

One of our favorite singer/songwriters, Isabel Taylor, has just released her first CD, “Awake Again” – and it’s all original songs! There are twelve well-crafted songs in which Isabel’s clear and compelling voice soar along with just the right amount of interesting musical accompaniment.  Isabel sings of her own longings–which as the best of writers show […]