Valerie Macon, Writer

        A String of Black Pearls is a collection of poetry by Valerie Macon that Poet Laureate, Shelby Stevenson, calls “a field of images along a shoreline of sails and shirts, birds and wires, wind and cables. . . . poems [that] rise and lilt in meditative sermons unmistakably searching for the […]

Chris Abbate, Writer

  Many of Chris Abbate’s poems pay homage to coming of age and family dynamics. His poetry also grapples with questions at the intersection of religion and spirituality. Chris’ debut book of poetry, Talk About God (Main Street Rag, 2017), explores the gray areas; the ragged edges of religious experience. The poet Alice Osborn says, “Every poem in Talk […]

Angie Williams, Pottery

I sign my pieces, “Mizpah Pottery.”  Mizpah means “May God watch over you while we’re apart” and is inspired by my grandmother. Each piece also has a hidden cross.  For my shell art, I have hand picked each shell from Atlantic Beach or Morehead City, NC, and they reflect life’s memories and moments. The turtle […]

Marilyn Shannon Reading at the Joyful Jewel

Marilyn Shannon is coming to share from her book. Don’t we all want to know what men think/feel? She will be here Sunday Aug. 6, 3 – 4pm at the Joyful Jewel.  

Marilyn Shannon, Writer

NC Author Marilyn Shannon writes about men in her book “In Just One Afternoon: Listening into the Hearts of Men.

Ron Thomas, Farm Scenes

He’s back at the Joyful Jewel, Ron Thomas, one of our favorites! These nostalgic watercolors are rural scenes with barns, familiar in our countrysides. Reminds me of happy times, lazy days of summer, peaceful with few cares. Thank you, Ron, for bringing those memories.

Bonnie Franklin – Make-Up Remover Soap

I’ve fallen “in love” with soap! I just started using this new soap by Bonnie Franklin. I have loved her original Make-Up Removing soap with the bits of charcoal as it does such a nice job of removing in a gentle way that doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. I would not have thought to bring […]

Donna Cassidy “Mountains” Stained Glass

  Donna Cassidy‘s new piece in reds and blues looks like our Blue Ridge mountains in Fall.  Brilliant and imposing, these mountains will be dressed in their best colors the next couple of weeks.   ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our newsletter. The […]

Art Clothing by Diane Ness, Deborah Younglao and Donna Cassidy

  A sampling of the new clothing that artists have recently brought in to the Joyful Jewel. The ecru top by Diane Ness is meant to be one of several layers you would put together; these silk carves and felted scarves are by Deborah Younglao, and the colorful shawl is by Donna Cassidy.   ~~~ […]

Bonnie Franklin’s Personal Care Products

Bonnie Franklin‘s Bare Bare now has an expanded display of wares at the Joyful Jewel. There are shampoos & shea butter conditioners, lots of lip balms, alpha hydroxy skin toners, bath salts, bug spray, a wide variety of creams for face & body, and of course soaps for all purposes. Bonnie is one of the […]