Vision & Voice 2017

This year’s Vision & Voice, April 30, 2017 was so poignant, meaningful and fun!  Here are the photos that Mary L. Barnard took.  The event featured writers who wrote about pieces of art from the Joyful presenting their poems or stories alongside the artists who inspired them.

Word Sparks event teaser!

Here’s a bit of a Teaser! Sunday June 26 Word Sparks at the Joyful Jewel will include this and much more! Artists have created as they are inspired by poems. 3 – 6pm. This is page 10 of the beautiful booklet that Sharon Blessum put together. Page 10 poem is by Bonnie Korta, and artists […]

Judy Hogan and Valerie Nieman Book Reading

Two of our favorite authors, Valerie Nieman and Judy Hogan, will be reading from their new books at the Joyful Jewel on 1st Sunday, April 3, starting at 3:00pm. These well known and award-winning writers each have excellent new books to share!  Both books are full of absorbing mystery and intrigue.  These writers are entertaining […]

On a Monday – Vision & Voice

VESSELS Virginia Ewing Hudson, Poet inspired by Jan Dunn, Basket weaver  Was I born of basket weavers?                 Chances are good                                 Somewhere down the line A curvaceous, pearl-bedecked girl                 comes upon a broad-beamed, yoked drifter She sways like willow fronds                 He shifts his load and swaggers They cross the threshold to each […]

On a Monday – Vision & Voice Sharon & Mariah

           BEYOND THE MOON Sharon Blessum, Poet inspired by Mariah Wheeler’s Triple Goddess  If she could travel out to the moon with an over-the-shoulder glimpse of our watery pearl of a  planet, then journey on past all lunar bodies to the moon beyond all moons, her gaze might behold miniscule galaxies […]

On a Monday – Al Capehart & Terri Lange

Granny’s Pink Rose Chair      Al Capehart , Poet inspired by Terri Lange’s Pull Up a Chair                                                                               […]

On a Monday – Cats in Vision & Voice

Cats were popular at our recent Voices and Vision event. Here are three of the images, by Beth Bale,  Vangi Cathcart,  and Marilyn Penrod, respectively, followed by Bonnie Korta’s poem.   The Calling of Cats The naming of cats is the easy part Lespedeza and Clover, Hay Bale Sisters rolled out a surprise from some […]

Alchemy of Artists

Our Vision and Voice Event was powerful on many levels. Synergy of the spoken word with the visual, unconscious connection of one artist to another, every one of us beheld the magic. A few glimpses