Tim Smith, Music CD

Personal friend to the Joyful Jewel owners and wonderful musician died this year. We cherish his memory and the downhome original music he left us with.  Tim Smith was also a potter, who made whimsical animal sculpture.  See his pottery page: Tim Smith, Pottery Animals. Tim Smith, Music CD

Honoring Jan Dunn

 Our Daily Jewel today is in honor of Jan Dunn, a lovely artist who passed on recently, after weaving many beautiful memories for us. We miss her already.  

Jan Dunn “Redbud Basket”

“Redwood Basket” Jan Dunn ~ 12″ x 9″, Redbud base, dyed & smoked reed $70 Who would have known that the prolific native redwood tree would make such a beautiful base for a basket!  Jan Dunn chose it because she lives surrounded by redwood trees and she dyed and wove the rest of the basket […]

Jan Dunn “Lots of Kisses” Basket

“Lots of Kisses” Basket Jan Dunn Basket wood, glass, with Chocolate Kisses inside! ~6″ x 5″, $22 There were so many great pieces of art of Valentine’s Day but this basket by Jan Dunn wins the day at least partly because of the great title, “Lots of Kisses!”  Jan dyed the basket wood rosy pink, […]

Jan Dunn “Feather Your Nest Basket”

“Feather Your Nest Basket” Jan Dunn Hand Dyed Basket Reed, ~ 4″ x 5″ + hanging handle $15           This sweet little basket that Jan Dunn imagined and then created is one of my very favorite things at the Joyful Jewel!  I’ll be saving shed cat hair and dryer lint for Jan’s next round of […]

Jan Dunn “Buttocks Bowl”

“Buttocks Bowl” Jan Dunn Cedar Handle, Natural and Dyed Reed, 17 1/2″ x 17″ $110           I had titled this basked “Large Market Basket” until I saw that Jan Dunn had given it her own title.  I suspect it’s a traditional title for this type of basket, and it is somewhat descriptive.  This basket rocks […]

Jan Dunn “Grace”

 “Grace” Jan Dunn Fanciful Basketry 16″ x 6″ + Long Extensions $75 In celebration and honor of the Joyful Jewel’s 2nd anniversary, “Grace” came to be. Starting with a star base, the shape of the woven sculpture was suggested.  Using wire for weaving and adding beads for some bling, it looks a bit like a […]