Daniel and Sharon Silverstein, Greeting Cards

Of their “color me” greeting cards, the Silvesteins say: “Our coloring cards are all original designs drawn by mother and son team, Sharon and Daniel Silverstein.  Our cards are designed to either be given as greeting cards, small but thoughtful gifts, or to just be enjoyed as a way to relax and create art!” Color […]

Annie Cramer, Greeting Cards

I like to experiment and overlap layers; create patterns, contrast shapes against lines and play with textures; whether abstract techniques to see if I can create realism.  Other times, I contrast realistic images with abstract mark making and experimentation.  And sometimes, I just want to illustrate a moment in time.  

Marrianna Osolin Putnam, Greeting Cards

My “Creative Process” is stimulated by everything around me, especially travel and visiting museums and galleries.  I am also influenced by Native American designs/culture, and most of all by color an essential of life for me! Marrianna Osolin Putnam, Greeting Cards

Sharon Blessum “Stone Speak” Oracle Cards & Book

Stone Speak Guide for Inner Wisdom Oracle Cards & Book Sharon Blessum In “Stone Speak Guide for Inner Wisdom” Sharon Blessum invites you to visit the oracle inside the extraordinary gemstones that her own father did the lapidary work on.  The photos are stunning and you can use each one to divine your own meaning […]

Gloria Lightsey-Lewis, Greeting Cards

I was introduced to the art of mandalas, which is a word meaning ‘sacred circle’. I have used the art of mandalas as a form of spiritual formation. Through the years, I have also used them as greeting cards. Gloria Lightsey-Lewis, Greeting Cards

Martha Johnson, Collage Art, Magnets, Greeting Cards

Martha Johnson is a self-taught collage artist and a former nurse.  She draws her inspiration from the natural world around her, her travels far and wide, the words of many authors, and from color and texture.  Her smaller works include quotes of inspiration or humor.  She uses painted and patterned papers, fabric, painted plant materials […]

Aja Demeterra, Greeting Cards

Aja Demeterra’s cards feature prints of her original acrylic paintings and her own verse.  She says, “I see visions of another realm.  All my art expresses what I see.” Aja Demeterra, Greeting Cards

Julia Kennedy, Painting – Cards & Calendars

  Julia Kennedy has known for some time that she has a passion for vintage muscle cars (she drives a 1967 Chevy Impala SS 3964), Korean pickled crab, dark mystery novels by the likes of Ross MacDonald and Raymond Chandler, and her ever-changing family of rescued animals (currently four dogs). But it wasn’t until a […]

Mary Brookins “Blue Flower Card”

Real Pressed Flowers, Paper by Mary Brookins Pretty pretty posies, not standing in a row, but arranged just so!  Mary Brookins picks flowers from her yard and unnoticed places that others might call weeds.  She preserves and protects them and then makes art.  This piece is on a greeting card. http://www.joyfuljewel.com/Mary-Brookins.html Website:  http://www.joyfuljewel.com  Newsletter subscription:  mariah.joyfuljewel@gmail.com   FaceBook:   https://www.facebook.com/TheJoyfulJewel […]