Angie Williams, Pottery

I sign my pieces, “Mizpah Pottery.”  Mizpah means “May God watch over you while we’re apart” and is inspired by my grandmother. Each piece also has a hidden cross.  For my shell art, I have hand picked each shell from Atlantic Beach or Morehead City, NC, and they reflect life’s memories and moments. The turtle […]

Beverly Milton, Origami Boxes & Peace Cranes

         My favorite classes always had something to do with art, and oriental art in particular.  So when my husband was asked by the National Academy of Science to study the after effects of radiation from the atomic bomb that fell on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I was very pleased. […]

Douglas Maccardini, Lab Tube Lamp

Douglas Maccardini just keeps coming in to the Joyful Jewel with fun new lamps.This one has a stately scientific lab look. Would be great in a studio or office where you wish to cook up some alchemy, one of those light-bulb moments. Actually this one sold, but there is another with a similar flavor. ~~~ […]

Jacquelyn Lowry “Crow Spirit Woman” sculpture

AMAZING new sculpture by Pittsboro’s Jacquelyn Lowry, surely a world class artist, humble and little-known as she is. These and more are at the Joyful Jewel now. The young woman is entitled “Celestial Bliss,” you can guess which is “Crow Spirit Woman” & the detail, and the big bowl is a bird bath or bird feeder. […]

Pottery, a NC Special for Collectors

Pottery is one of the arts that North Carolina is known for and the Joyful Jewel has a very nice selection from 13 or so local potters.  Here is a sampling:

Shannon Bueker, Sculpture

Best known for her paintings, Chatham County artist Shannon Bueker is also a long time sculptural potter who makes a variety of dimensional wall pieces.  She displays these along with her paintings.   Shannon Bueker, Sculpture

Kirby Barnes, Jewelry

The bracelets are made with recycled wine bottles and brass wire. Some of the pendants are cast using a lost clay method. The wind chime rings and the bracelet pendant pieces are kiln fired.  I also make tatted lace earrings.  See Kirby’s bottle glass wind chimes at: Kirby Barnes- Glass Art Kirby Barnes, Jewelry

Douglas Maccardini “Lamp Bot” sculpture

Douglas Maccardini just brought in this fantastical lamp that he made from such a fun variety of materials.  It’s a bit different than his usual oil cans and roller skate bots and especially delightful with the bicycled jester.  This is one of Douglas’s larger sculptures. It features an old fashioned lamp light, a weather vane […]

Barbara Thompson, Glass Sculpture

Artist Barbara Thompson: “I’m a recycler by nature and always loved glass. Making these glass sculptures is satisfying on many levels. The sculptures can be garden art, though weather will eventually cause them to lose their luster. They can also be decorative pieces in the home, and may double as candleholders.  I also like to […]