Sharon Blessum, Medicine Bags

  One of the many new creations that Sharon Blessum has brought in to the Joyful Jewel for her October feature, “Love in Your Pocket.” This exquisite little medicine bag is a perfect example of love in your pocket! You can see this, + photographs + jewelry, + caps + new Love in Your Pocket […]

DG Chandler, Candles

DG Chandler’s candles are hand poured and embellished with glittery scenes.  Some candles are scented, but only with essential oils.  Other candles are unscented. He creates several shapes and sizes. DG is also a jeweler.  See his page at: DG Chandler, Jewelry. DG Chandler, Candles

Soul Speak – Healing Arts Coming Nov. 8

PARTICIPANTS (* MEANS AVAILABLE FOR INDIVIDUAL APPOINTMENS)   *AMY DURSO                           RUNES Runes are ancient and magic symbols developed by Germanic and Norse tribes and used as a divination method since the Bronze age. These symbols can be a powerful tool in any spiritual practice. Learn ways to tap into your own inner wisdom for […]

Sharon Blessum “Stone Speak” Oracle Cards & Book

Stone Speak Guide for Inner Wisdom Oracle Cards & Book Sharon Blessum In “Stone Speak Guide for Inner Wisdom” Sharon Blessum invites you to visit the oracle inside the extraordinary gemstones that her own father did the lapidary work on.  The photos are stunning and you can use each one to divine your own meaning […]

Julie Purcell, Prayer Beads & Malas

My work is a meditative practice; doing spiritual practices as I make prayer beads.  I also love color and shape and enjoy finding unusual spacers and pieces. Julie Purcell, Prayer Beads & Malas

Amy Durso, Runes & other Spiritual Tools

Amy Durso’s earth crafts are deeply rooted in the magicks of the earth.  She uses only natural materials that are carefully chosen according to their energetic properties and uses Chatham County reclaimed wood and wood byproducts that retain their natural essences. Rune sets and bindrunes are created and empowered according to the cycles of the […]

Marty Broda, Spiritual Tools & Jewelry

        Gaia Spirit or Prayer sticks, also known as earth totems, are used as tools & symbols of higher communication. Indigenous people, especially Native Americans have used them for centuries. Gaia sticks are extensions of energy. They receive, direct, and channel energy. They are used to draw forth & give expression for […]

Sheridan Bushnell “Drink of This and Drown”

 Sheridan Bushnell “Drink of This and Drown” by Sheridan Bushnell, book, 115 pages, $14.95           This is some of the sweetest mystical writing since Rumi!  In every contact I have had with her, beautiful poetry flows almost constantly from Sheridan Bushnell.  It seems to be in her very pores.  While I know Sheridan mostly from […]

Erika Johnson Birchanna “Yoga Bag”

“Yoga Bag” Erika Johnson Birchanna The maker of this colorful and functional Yoga Bag, Erika Johnson Birchanna, is a seamstress, dancer, artist, teacher and stiltwalker.  It seems that you can see all of these qualities in the bag, including the tallness of the stilt!  In Erika’s artist statement she says that “she pulls inspiration from […]

Sharon Blessum “Sage Incense”

Sage Incense Sharon Blessum $12 Did you know that we now have incense at the Joyful Jewel?  Sharon Blessum has purchased two types and packaged them beautifully with her beads and many of them have handmade holders.  This box has leaves of Sage and includes a feather to direct the smoke.  The rectangle boxes have […]