Amy Durso “Enduring Love”

“Enduring Love” Amy Durso Wood with Burned In Rune Nothing says it better, feels stronger, takes you deeper than Amy Durso’s Rune “Enduring Love.”  As she says, “Preserve & Hold, Love, Partnerships, Equilibrium” this love has powerful roles to play as the arms reach out and up from the middle while maintaining the stability of […]

Marty Broda “Heart Dream Catcher”

“Heart Dream Catcher” Marty Broda Mixed Media Heart pink feathers, pink heart + Marty Broda’s conscious crafting add to the power of this spidery-woven dream catcher.  Surely only positive dreams will be allowed in! ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our newsletter. The […]

Billy Mason “Find Your Heart’s Desire: Agate Talisman” at the Joyful Jewel 11-4-14

“Find Your Heart’s Desire: Agate Talisman” Billy Mason ~ 1 1/4 x 3″ Chatham County Agate $333.99 According to our very own “Mystic Merchant” Billy Mason, who is internationally known for his stunning lapidary work, this piece set with a Sterling Silver wire bail, aids in “heart chakra healing and enduring patience”.  This stone was […]

Marty Broda “Ascending Chaos”

“Ascending Chaos” Marty Broda Mixed Media Natural Materials Sculpture $35 I wonder what kind of day Marty Broda was having when “Ascending Chaos” emerged from her studio.  Surely all of those diverse feathers will help us in our personal challenge of living in this world of seeming chaos.  Fly, soar and see the possibilities beyond […]

Maryphyllis Horn “Whispering With Animals” book

“Whispering With Animals” Maryphyllis Horn, Writer Book in Color, 108 pages $25 At the Joyful Jewel we now have two books about communicating with animals.  Mary Ann Bumbera, who read from hers, “Because of You I Am” last Sunday, and now this brand new one from shamanic practitioner Maryphyllis Horn.  Both books are full of […]

First Sunday – Marty Broda, Margaret Harrell 8-1-14

  During  Pittsboro’s  First Sunday Event, Aug 3 from 12-4, we are pleased to announce that Joni Pavlic from unWINED will be pouring exclusively NC wines for us to taste throughout the afternoon–and during our gala:    AUGUST FEATURED ARTIST  RECEPTION: SUN,AUG 3: 1 – 3pm                     […]

Amy Durso “Healing Rune”

“Healing Rune” Amy Durso ~ 1 1/4″ x 2″, Wood $12 Holding this smooth round-cornered “Healing Rune” will surely do just that.  Smooth and powerful — that is Amy Durso’s MO and one of the ways she insists on helping us all to be healthy and whole.  Vitality – just meditate on the sound of […]

Mary Ann Bumbera “Because of You, I am”

“Because of You, I am: A Spiritual Quest With Man’s Best Friend” Mary Ann Bumbera Book,  188 Pages, Softcover $18.95 With several good friends having lost their dear pets in this past month, it was timely when Mary Ann Bumbera brought in her new book, “Because of You, I Am: A Spiritual Quest With Man’s […]

Alchemy of Artists

Our Vision and Voice Event was powerful on many levels. Synergy of the spoken word with the visual, unconscious connection of one artist to another, every one of us beheld the magic. A few glimpses        

Sheila Fleming “Bliss”

“Bliss” Sheila Fleming when open 4 3/4″ x 4″ $38 This sweet altar to Love by Sheila Fleming includes just enough words to convey the message of “Live Laugh Love”, surely the path to “Bliss” which is the title she gave the piece.  To further illustrate, Sheila says on the card in a quote from […]