Gaines Steer, Writer

Gaines Steer, Writer A Story Worth Tellin’ Gaines Steer is a freelance writer who combines story telling and writer’s voices.  The memoir: A Story Worth Tellin’ took ten years to write.  It chronicles (in 100 chapters) the life and times of a benign “Chatham County Character . . .”   Gaines Steer, Writer

James Crouse, Writer

Why This Book Since I can remember, injustice has inspired me to take action, often via pen, typewriter or computer.  My decision to become a lawyer was fueled by this same motivation.  Representing the families of people killed or individuals injured in aviation disasters and other accidents has only reaffirmed the goal of telling the […]

Books that Make a Difference – Janet Joyner & Dori Dupre

How does anyone manage to live a life with all the violence, discrimination and vengeance going on?  I sometimes retreat into a book and this week I have read two that speak to issues of today.  Dori Ann DeJong  Dupre’s novel“Scouts Honor” tells of the long-lasting detriments of one instance of childhood abuse, how  the […]

Patricia Cole, Writer

  Patty Cole – Grew up in WV on the Ohio River and now calls North Carolina her home for the last 20 years. She’s now a hobby farmer and raises chickens and goats with her husband, Hoyt. She was introduced to poetry in college where she studied English and French at West Virginia State […]

Word Sparks event teaser!

Here’s a bit of a Teaser! Sunday June 26 Word Sparks at the Joyful Jewel will include this and much more! Artists have created as they are inspired by poems. 3 – 6pm. This is page 10 of the beautiful booklet that Sharon Blessum put together. Page 10 poem is by Bonnie Korta, and artists […]

Dori Ann Dupre, Writer

  Scout’s Honor is a coming of age and self discovery contemporary fiction novel based in North Carolina.  This epic tale spans thirty-two years, and ultimately answers the question: “Who owns the rights to your honor when it’s been taken from you?” Proceeds from the sales of Scout’s Honor will go toward Colon Cancer Research at […]

Janet Joyner, Writer

Like the objects in the Joyful Jewel, a poem is a made thing.  The materials I use are our common language and the world it reflects, one’s own little chunk of them both making up an idiom, one hopes.  Poetry’s origins are in song, and I do consciously work with sound and rhythm in my […]

Judy Hogan and Valerie Nieman Book Reading

Two of our favorite authors, Valerie Nieman and Judy Hogan, will be reading from their new books at the Joyful Jewel on 1st Sunday, April 3, starting at 3:00pm. These well known and award-winning writers each have excellent new books to share!  Both books are full of absorbing mystery and intrigue.  These writers are entertaining […]