Nancy Taylor, Jewelry

Nancy Taylor was able to make beautiful sculpy earrings despite her impairments with parkinson’s disease and rheumatoid artritis.

DG Chandler, new Sterling Silver & Gemstone Jewelry

Here are a few the DG Chandler‘s newest pieces of Sterling Silver and Gemstone jewelry– stunning all! The flower is Amethyst, the ridges piece is Strata Jasper with Peach Moonstone, and the swirly landscape is Starry Jasper with Carnelian. He’s been a busy and prolific creator, while still taking his time to be masterful in […]

60 Yr Pen Pal buys Rachel Bass necklace

More experiences from the Joyful Jewel: A woman just came in and bought a necklace for her pen pal. She has been corresponding with this friend from England since they were both in 3rd grade. She finally met her last year in England. The pen pals are both turning 70 this year!  She bought a […]

Sandra McEwen, Jewelry

Sandra McEwen bio – Cloisonné & Champlevé Enamel Jewelry Enamels are my passion! I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1992 with a degree in illustration. I currently reside in Raleigh, North Carolina. Before becoming involved in jewelry crafting, I spent many years making designs […]

Ruth Stutts, Hair Jewelry

Having let my hair grow and now needing to get it off my neck, I am especially happy to offer new hair jewelry by Ruth Stutts at the Joyful Jewel. They are colorful, sturdy, made with what Ruth calls yo-yos — you quilters may know what they are. We have hair ties and hair clips […]

DG Chandler “Azurite & Malachite Necklace”

Sterling Silver, Azurite Gemstone, Malachite Gemstone with Sterling Silver Chain  DG Chandler, Jewelry One of DG Chandler’s stunning necklaces, this one features his intricate silverwork + two exceptionally vibrant gemstones.  I think of an outer space odyssey, of dreams, of drama and the big bang of life. The Azurite has a dreamy swirly look evoking […]

Jewelry from Fine to Funky

The Joyful Jewel has 15 or so people making jewelry.  You can find a wide variety from fine sterling silver with gemstones to funky pieces made from recycled materials.  Each is unique and locally handmade.  Here is small sampling:

Lisa Garber, Jewelry

Lisa Garber, Senba Designs, makes origami jewelry in complex, beautiful designs.  Her materials are mostly recycled from other products. Lisa Garber, Jewelry

Kirby Barnes, Jewelry

The bracelets are made with recycled wine bottles and brass wire. Some of the pendants are cast using a lost clay method. The wind chime rings and the bracelet pendant pieces are kiln fired.  I also make tatted lace earrings.  See Kirby’s bottle glass wind chimes at: Kirby Barnes- Glass Art Kirby Barnes, Jewelry

Bruce Saunders, Jewelry

My work is a spectrum from the symmetrical to the abstract tot he surreal.  My mandalas can be used in meditation or as decoration.  I also make symmetrical, abstract or surreal art to see other possibilities or dimensions of being. I started drawing symmetrical, circular mandalas in 1970 from my meditations.  I start with pencil […]