Margaret Ann Harrell, Writer


The Keep This Quiet! memoir series begins in the late 1960s at Random House in New York City, where I copy edited Hunter Thompson’s first book, Hell’s Angels. Hunter later founded Gonzo Journalism. Keep This Quiet! reprints, with permission, a lot of his letters to me during that time and also dives into complicated personal relationships with two other “outlaw” writers: Milton Klonsky and Jan Mensaert. Keep THIS Quiet Too! focuses on more adventures with the trio of males, who were modeling a strong, decisive personality and authenticity for me. It takes place partly in a village in Morocco. In the mid-80s I attended the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, where I had a life-changing initiation. That’s the focus of Book Three.

Initiations continued afterwards in Belgium. I currently teach a wide range of introductory and advanced  Daben & Orin light body courses in Raleigh. And am almost finished with Keep This Quiet! IV:

More Initiations.


Margaret Ann Harrell, Writer