Upcoming Events

 Shop Local: 100% of Joyful Jewel artists are from Chatham and the surrounding counties

Summerfest is coming to downtown Pittsboro – a day, Sunday June 2, of fun festivities in honor of Independence Day.  Look for more information about this – hours are 2 – 8pm and there will be dancing on the streets!

Also in July – Summer Soul Speak –

Sunday July 23, 5pm

Coming in August:  Marilyn Shannon Book Reading, Sunday Aug. 6, 3 – 4pm

Sun Sept. 3, Shannon Bueker Art Reception 1 – 3pm, colorful animal watercolors

Sun. Oct. 1, Adrienne Knowles Art Reception 1 – 3pm, soulful acrylics

Sun. Oct. 8, Joe Woodson & DG Chandler live music

Fri. Oct. 23, 6 – 8pm CCCC Open Mic for literary readings

Sun. Oct. 22, Fall Soul Speak, 5pm