Isabel Taylor Awake Again

One of our favorite singer/songwriters, Isabel Taylor, has just
released her first CD, “Awake Again” – and it’s all original songs!
There are twelve well-crafted songs in which Isabel’s clear and
compelling voice soar along with just the right amount of interesting
musical accompaniment.  Isabel sings of her own longings–which as the best of writers show us are remarkably like ours.  For instance,
listening to the nightly news, Isabel implores “Gimme Some Good News.” You can hear the angst with which she sees what is true in the bad, punctuated with a raspy percussion instrument, next to the clear sweet voice of Isabel and the clear sweet tones of a flute when she sings of good news.

In “This Year,” which I suspect was written on an early January day,
Isabel enumerates her intent to “. . .  breathe the moments in and
slow it down . . . sing right out loud . . . tell my kids I’m proud.”
Her way with a rhyme is spot-on.

While deftly sharing her own longings and intentions, Isabel is not
afraid to give us advice too.  In “Fear and Wanting” she talks of why
we don’t get what we want.  To counter the line “Fear and wanting,
they leave no room for grace/The wanting pulls you forward, the fear locks you in place,” later in the song Isabel says “Head in hands you close your eyes, aren’t you getting tired/Of listening to the voices in your head,/ Well, don’t you pay no mind to what they said/Just listen to your beating heart instead.”

There is a refreshing dose of nature’s charms (learning the skill of
flow in “What the Water Knows”), acknowledgement of societal ills such as domestic abuse (in the haunting “The Escape”), and poverty (“On the Other Side of the World”), and much more.

Isabel Taylor

Isabel Taylor



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