Eric Bannan – Music cds

       Eric Bannan brings stories to life with moving personal narratives, a sly sense of humor and a soulful singing voice. Eric is a husband, father, songwriter, storyteller, US Coast Guard rescue flight crew veteran,  back country adventure racer and cancer survivor with a masters in computer science. He has been called to […]

Isabel Taylor, Music Cd

Chapel Hill, NC based singer-songwriter Isabel Taylor celebrates the release of her debut CD Awake Again, p roduced by award-winning songwriter and guitarist Jon Shain and engineered by FJ Ventre (longtime Shain collaborator and bassist for the Swang Brothers, Mary Johnson Rockers, and more), the CD features twelve original tracks on self-reflection, lessons learned, and […]

Tim Smith, Music CD

Personal friend to the Joyful Jewel owners and wonderful musician died this year. We cherish his memory and the downhome original music he left us with.  Tim Smith was also a potter, who made whimsical animal sculpture.  See his pottery page: Tim Smith, Pottery Animals. Tim Smith, Music CD

Brooksie Edwards, Music CD

Trilogy is composed of Brooksie Edwards, Richard Edwards and Sheila Fleming.  Many of the songs on the cd are original.  This is a mixture of Western Swing, spiritual uplifting and downhome tunes  — all with the most exquisite harmonies from the these three and their instruments.  Brooksie is also a glass artist and jewelry maker. […]

Diane Winger, Music CDs

Diane is a music therapist and contemporary folk musician/singer/songwriter: “The real genuine article.” “A powerful voice with compelling lyrics.” “Soulful contemporary folk music on acoustic guitar woven with heart and humor.”     Diane Winger, Music CDs

Gene O’Neill – Music CDs

Solo Guitar and vocals. Jazz, Blues and Classical Guitar. Cover music and originals. I’m from Durham, NC. The blues has a rich tradition connected with this city. Simply being born in the South gives a leg up on the blues. You can hear me play Blues and Jazz every other Sunday at The Irregardless Cafe […]

Richard Edwards, Music Cd

“This CD is pure folk music, just Edwards and his guitar. He’s an excellent songwriter.” What struck me right away when I first played “Space & Time” was Richard Edward’s strikingly good voice. This guy lives just about 45 minutes up the road from me in Pittsboro, North Carolina, and has been playing in the […]

Liz Tedesco, Music Cd

Music comes from within.  Windham Hill Genre. Creative process is being present and showing up! Liz Tedesco, Music Cd

ZamBamBooGee, Music CD

ZamBamBooGee is a Pittsboro based  band featuring mostly original music and mainly for dancing. The group consists of Joe Howell–guitar and vocals; Susanne Saunders–keyboard and vocals; Scotty Young–guitar, percussion, harmonicAs, Travis Cohn drums.  We are an eclectic band of world, jazz, funk. ZamBamBooGee, Music CD