Donna Cassidy – Sumptuous Crochet, Scarves & Hats

Sumptuous Crochet – Scarves & Hats Donna Cassidy Mixed Fiber Crocheted with Leaf Appliques $35 – $45 each      Here is my favorite example of Donna Cassidy’s crochet.  As much as I love purple — and there are at least two shades of purple, I really love the soft subtle gray.  These are soooo incredibly […]

Donna Cassidy – “Crocheted Ear Hats”

“Ear Hats” Donna Cassidy Mixed Fiber Crocheted, Various Sizes Infant – Adult $20 each Donna Cassidy has crocheted these fun hats variously called “Ear Hats”, “Bear Hats,” and “Puppy Dog Hats” — as you can see.  The hats are easily stretchable so that they fit snugly without constricting.  You can perch them on your head […]

Andrea Stark “Baby Hats”

 “Baby Hats” Andrea Stark 100% Recycled Cotton, Knitted $20 Allison Stark is one of the 3 Bag Ladies — three generations of bag-loving, thrift-shop-haunting fiber artists in one family.  It must be in their genes.  At least that’s what they like to think!  The Bag ladies are Jane Talbot, her daughter Andrea Stark, and granddaughter […]

Heidi Wolin – Lady Bug Hat

“Lady Bug Hat” Heidi Wolin Fiber Arts – Knitted, Infant Size $15 I have thought babies were magical for as long as I can remember. When I learned to knit there was no more exciting news that somebody could tell me than “We are having a baby.” I would literally run to the nearest yarn […]

Allison East “Wise Guy”

“Old Codger” Allison East Yarn & Such Here is a guest for today’s Independence Day picnic. I named him “Wise Guy” because every picnic, every family, every gathering needs one.   He will keep an eye out for any unwanted guests and bring you an extra smiling “Whoop” during the fireworks.  Thank you to Allison […]

Riva Econopouly “Sock Dolls”

Sock Dolls Riva Econopoly $14 How does that children’s song go, something like “Red and yellow,  black and white, Jesus loves the little children of the world.”  Who could help but love these sock dolls that Riva Econopouly makes in many shades of skin and adornment.  Each one precious and ready for cuddling and loving. […]

Allison East “Owl Key Chain”

Owl Key Chain Allison East $14 How would you like a smile and chuckle to greet you each time you get out your keys.  Allison East has made a key chain Owl just for this job! ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our […]

Terry Perkinson “Kitty the Cat”

“Kitty the Cat” Terry Perkinson $49 Created by Terry Perkinson to cuddle and love, “Kitty the Cat” is made of softest cashmere sweater, cotton quilting and other fibers.  Who can resist the rosy nose and sewn down whiskers!  A novel and sure to-be-appreciated Valentine’s gift. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter […]

Riva Econopouly “Multi-Colored Head Band”

Multi-Colored Head Band Riva Econopouly A multi-colored head band is just what a day like today calls for.  Plush and flattering, not too warm, not too cool.  Covers both ears and messy hair.  Trendy knitting, just what Riva Econopouly is known for! ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us […]

Gloria Howell “Alpaca Wool Scarf”

Alpaca Wool Scarf Gloria Howell 100% Alpaca $25 Soft as can be of the natural fibers of alpaca, this scarf is warm and cuddly.  Gloria Howell made it from the fur of alpacas she helps to raise, hand spun the yarn and then knitted it.  It will always stay in place because she has adorned […]