Laura Seymore Double Spiral Earrings”

Double Spiral Earrings Laura Seymore Fiberboard, metal, glass beads, copper earwires 2″ from top of earwire to bottom of dangle $25 Laura Seymore, aka Elle, always seems to go beyond what is expected, adding value and charm to what she has already made so beautiful and making it even more surprisingly stunning.  In this case, […]

Donna Cassidy “Freeform Bolero”

“Freeform Bolero” Donna Cassidy Mixed Fiber Crochet, Fits Most $140 The olio of bright and muted colors of leaves and spirals that Donna Cassidy chose for this Freeform Bolero shows just how many shades and tones an artist can put together successfully. The clothing one wears underneath would determine which color in the bolero would […]

Terry Perkinson “Sleepy Bunny”

“Sleepy Bunny” Terry Perkinson ~ 7″ x 14″, Cashmere, Batik Cotton, Wool Scraps and Misc. fibers $52 Cashmere soft and ever-so cudly this bunny by Terry Perkinson could be named “Sweet Bunny” — or the name she gave it “Sleepy Bunny” so he could help you get quickly to cottony dreamland.  Sleepy gives you his […]

Julie Purcell “Moulkaite Jasper Prayer Beads”

“Moulkaite Jasper Prayer Beads” Julie Purcell Mixed Jaspers with fiber tassel, 101 Beads, ~ 40″ plus Tassel Julie Purcell has made this Tasbih in a traditional manner: 9 sections of 11 beads = 99.  When praying with them, if you count the spacers at 33 you have 101.  If using as a Buddhist mala, you […]

Yvette Poole “Love Bracelet”

Love Bracelet Yvette Poole Hand felted Wool, Sterling Silver Chain Maille, Leather ~ 8 1/2″, $75 Here is something completely new from chain maille artist Yvette Poole.  There is so much creativity in the mix and construction of these fibers, natural material, and Yvette’s fabulous coiled sterling silver.  And, of course, the message is timeless! […]

Laura Seymore – “Earrings”

Elle – Laura Seymore‘s Earrings What fun shapes and components the imaginative Laura Seymore has found and designed to create these earrings.  Laura collects things and re-imagines materials such as cork, wooden spools and even yogurt containers.  I imagine that her friends all bring her old earrings which she deconstructs and then re-assembles into a […]

Donna Cassidy – “Scarves & Hats”

Luscious Hats & Scarves by Donna Cassidy It is finally Winter in NC and a warm snuggly-soft hat covering our ears and the side of our faces feels soooo good!  For even more comfort, wrap one of Donna Cassidy’s matching scarves around your neck.  The crochet weave is piled and spaced just right for trapping […]

Barbara Thompson – “Red & Green Infant Dress”

Red and Green Infant Dress Barbara Thompson Washable Acrylic Hand Knit, Infant Size Barbara Thompson has made the perfect infant’s dress for those holiday photos.  Not only will the beautiful child be stylish and festive, but she will also be comfortable in this soft knit dress!  There is nothing to bind or get caught — […]

Florence Johnson – “Stone Bridge”

“Stone Bridge” Florence Johnson 16 1/4″ x 20 1/2″, Watercolor on Canvas, Framed Piece with Fiber Mat $125, Original      This is one of Florence Johnson’s new pieces, watercolor painted on canvas rather than paper.  The effect is dreamy and misty as if you were right there in person ready to jump in the water […]

Donna Cassidy “Infinity Cowl”

“Infinity Cowl” Donna Cassidy One Size Fits All Crochet Scarf Bamboo, Rayon, Silk, Nylon, Acrylic Yarns $40 Donna Cassidy must have thought about these cool Fall mornings and evenings when she created this snuggley Infinity Cowl.  It can be arranged on the body: to warm the shoulders, close around the neck, pulled up to cover […]