Barbara Thompson “White Infant Dress”

White Infant Dress Barbara Thompson Acrylic, infant size $55 Doesn’t this ever-so-sweet infant dress that Barbara Thompson made make you want a daughter!  What fun it would be dress her up and then cuddle her in this soft, beautifully made dress.  Would be great for Christening or other blessing — or just to practice looking […]

Allison East “Felted Pouch with Tree”

Felted Pouch with Tree Allison East Felted Wool with Applique, ~ 4″ x 5″ $18           At first, because of the flouncy fringe, you don’t see the tree that Allison East has placed on this felted pouch.  When you do see it, the whole pouch takes on a new depth and spirit.  The roots, the […]

Donna Cassidy “Sparkley Shawl”

“Sparkley Shawl” Donna Cassidy Wool, Acrylic & Sequins, Crochet $120           This light and lacy summer shawl will make you sparkle without making you hot . I designed this using a lovely sequined yarn and trimmed it in yarn that is blended from kid mohair and silk, There are little flowers […]

Donna Cassidy “Seaweed Scarf”

“Seaweed Scarf” Donna Cassidy Freeform with Bamboo & Rayon Yarns, Edged in Mohair $40      This scarf, a new design, by Donna Cassidy, is so much fun!  It is very light weight so will be easy to wear even in warmer weather.  The colors are softly muted and the weave is airy and ever-so soft.  […]

Elle “Copper Tree” necklace

Copper Tree Elle Copper, Polymer Clay, metal beads and chain $82           Elle’s jewelry is always creative and different.  This one has a hand cut copper tree riveted to a a polymer clay background.  The chain is made of metal beaded chain and chain with a fancy copper clasp.  Near the end of the clasp […]

Donna Cassidy Scarf & Hat

Sumptuous Scarf & Hat Donna Cassidy Mixed Fiber with Appliques Scarf $45, Hat $35           Mixed fibers on this hat and scarf crocheted by Donna Cassidy include acrylic, nylon, wool, silk and rayon.  The feel is exceptionally plush and soft and the style warm and fuzzy.  After crocheting the pieces, Donna […]

ELLE Copper & Polymer Necklace

Sundial Necklace Laura Seymore Copper, Polymer Clay, Fiber 3 1/2″ diameter, $89            This large sundial necklace is by our newest jewelry artist, Elle.  Her eclectic creations are truly unique and fun to wear.  This one really makes a statement with it’s bold size and intricate shape, and though large is light weight and comfortable […]

Lyn Sims Girl’s Jumper

 “Girl’s Jumper” Lyn Sims Bamboo, Wool & Silk Fibers, Knitted $45 Lyn has done it again!  She’s made THE cutest little dress with perfect little details for a precious toddler.  There’s also a baby hat here at the Joyful Jewel that Lyn made to look like a cupcake with a cherry on the top.  It’s […]

Donna Cassidy – Ear Hats

“Ear Hats” Donna Cassidy Crochet – Acrylic, Nylon, Rayon -Sizes Baby to Adult $15 each           When my first grandchild was born I designed this ear hat for her. It is charming on babies and small children, but adults have been wearing these too . I think anyone who wears them will be able to […]

Allison East “Cat Purses”

“Pink Cat Purse” Allison East Acrylic Yarn with Mixed Media Embellishment $18      Cupcakes, hearts, ears and faces, seem to captivate folks, including me.  Whimsey and cats are favorites.  A cat love likes to express their love of cats and so do I!   ~ Allison East ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on […]