Journals at The Joyful Jewel

The Joyful Jewel has a rich collection of blank paged journals for gifts. Artist and Author Forrest Greenslade has a Nature Lover’s Journal with multiple dates on pages in between paintings. Painter Kate Ladd has original art on the covers of her hand made brown paper journals. Photographer Kimberly Hawks has her brilliant photographs on the covers […]

LossSongs by Anora Sutherland McGaha

Anora Sutherland McGaha “LossSongs”

“LossSongs” by Anora Sutherland (McGaha) Poems on love lost I’m on my third reading of this exceptionally touching book, LossSongs, by Anora McGaha​ (Anora Sutherland), and I know it won’t be my last.The subtitle “poems on love lost” tells part of the story though I think I also saw poems of love found . . […]

Mary Brookins, Pressed Flower Art

I use pressed flowers from my gardens, fields and roadsides.  They are pressed at least six weeks before they can be made into pictures, note cards, etc.  Each product is unique and is dependent on whatever flowers are gathered in the season.  I try to press different flowers each year. Mary Brookins, Pressed Flower Art

John Makowski, Recycle Sculpture

     Former Californian John Makowski is a transformational artist. Art-lovers who visit his home studio in Fearrington village the first two weekends in December at the 25th Chatham studio Tour will experience his transformation of everyday objects and pieces of discards into magical creatures. “My pallet is stuff that I find at the PTA […]

Bob Gunn Photography

I began my professional photography career in 1972, first in New York and now in Chapel Hill, NC. Beginning with commercial photography I eventually moved to focusing on candid, revealing shots as my work began to be exhibited in local amateur showings. Being curious about the medium, I moved to digital in 2000. Utilizing friends […]

Artists & Art

The Joyful Jewel Music CDs Store Brenda Linton Brooksie Edwards Diantha Rau Elizabeth Haddix Eric Bannan Gabriella Tal Isabel Taylor Jewelsong Joe Woodson Joey Howell Kathleen Hannan Liz Tedesco Nevilles Quarter Paul Rosenberg Richard Edwards Sheila Fleming Sheridan Bushnell Tim Smith Tommy Edwards Trilogy ZamBamBooGee The Joyful Jewel Children’s Store Jennifer Hendrix & Laura Schmidt […]

Anora McGaha/When Women Waken “Grief” Journal

“Grief: When Women Waken” Anora McGaha, Editor A Journal of Poetry, Prose & Images $10, black & white version I have been perusing the “hard copy” versions of the Journals of “When Women Waken” and have been especially struck by this journal devoted to Grief.  This book contains 171 entries submitted by writers and visual […]

Sheila Fleming “Blessings Altar”

“Blessings Altar” Sheila Fleming Mixed Media Magnet in an Altoid Box My ALTARS are miniature shrines using objects, symbols and words as an expression of my desire to create sacred space combined with my obsession with small things.  During my last trip to Mexico, I fell in love with the little “nichos”, or altars, that […]

Aja Demetera “Jeweled Seeds”

Jeweled Seeds Aja Demeterra Card, print with envelope “I see the jeweled seeds within you” — isn’t this just what you want to say to someone you love!  Aja’s cards feature prints of her original acrylic paintings and her own verse.  She says, “I see visions of another realm.  All my art expresses what I […]

Sharon Blessum “Pittsboro Wares”

“Pittsboro Wares” Sharon Blessum Sharon Blessum has made several Pittsboro-centric wares featuring her photograph of the Chatham County Court House.  Enjoying Pittsboro is a past time of many of us – illustrated by the hashtag adopted by the Pittsboro Business Association, #enjoypttsboro.  We can show our pride and appreciation to this fabulous place by wearing […]