On a Monday

Standing over in the pottery section by Jerry’s pouty red-lipped chickens, I turn to the Featured Artist wall and see absolute dazzle as light hits Janice’s mosaics. Afternoon light is stunning on them, dear Ms. Rieves. Then I sit at the computer and straight in front of my eyes the sun is making magic on […]

Marrianna Osolin-Putnam “Man in the Moon”

“Man in the Moon” Marrianna Osolin-Putnam 9″ x 12″ Acrylic on Canvas, $20           This cheerful, colorful fellow greets you with an offering of flowers, feathers and pure joy.  Do we need a lesson in global unity?  It seems that Marrianna can use every color there is in a painting and show you how they […]

Bob Gunn “Honey I’ll Mow Tomorrow”

 “Honey I’ll Mow the Lawn Tomorrow” Bob Gunn Photography, Magnet $2             We all have a sense of humor — but I think Bob Gunn has more than the rest of us combined!  He often uses humor in his work.  I have met this dog and another that I see Bob walking in Carrboro.  […]

Marrianna Osolin-Putnam “Interiors I & II”

  “Interiors I & II” Marrianna Osolin-Putnam Acrylic, 20″ x 20″ $200 each or $300 for Both           I find that Marrianna’s bright prime colors are so cheerful they make me smile.  There is a lot of juicy detail in these two pictures of domestic delight.  I couldn’t make sit side […]

On a Monday

North Carolina Postcards ~  just in time for the lines forming to celebrate the Joyful Jewel’s Second Anniversary this month!

M Osolin-Putnam “The Guardian” 8-21-12

“The Guardian” Marrianna Osolin-Putnam Acrylic, 14″ x 18″ on Canvas $250 THE GUARDIAN was inspired by a piece of stained glass that I saw in a gallery in Arizona. I have traveled extensively in the American Southwest, and am very drawn to Native American art and symbolism. I set the image of the guardian in […]

M Osolin-Putnam “Follow the Sun”

“Follow the Sun” Marrianna Osolin-Putnam Acrylic, 18″ x 24″ on Canvas $350           FOLLOW THE SUN is a combination of several quilt designs that I saw at a quilt show in Durham several years ago. I chose different colors,and focused on the central image of the sun. The title comes from a Beatles song, as […]

Martha Johnson “The Cure for Anything”

“The Cure for Anything Is” Martha Johnson 13″ x 11″ Original Collage, Mixed Media, Framed $68  I’m a self-taught collage artist living on the outer banks of NC. I draw my inspiration from the natural world around me, my travels, and the words of many authors.  I love to play with color and texture.  I  use painted and patterned papers, […]

Mary Brookins – Ironweed

“Ironweed” Mary Brookins Pressed Flower Art, 2 ¾ x 6 ¾” Framed $12            I’ve always loved flowers and so finding a way of preserving them was a natural progression.  I pick the flowers from our gardens or from the roadside, the only criteria being that I think they would look good pressed, whether they are […]