Barbara Steinacker – Painting

l’m a pastel painter, enjoying both landscapes and portraits. I would describe my landscapes as representational bordering on impressionistic. I enjoy plein air painting (but not in this heat) and aim to convey in my paintings my experience of the beauty and peace of the location where l’m working. Since there’s so much chaos and […]

Angela Tommaso Hellman, Painting

There is a place where freedom, instinct, emotion and beauty come together through paint and brushstrokes. You could say, it’s being “in the zone.” It brings me great joy in expressing what I see and how I feel. I hope to share and bring this experience to you, touch your heart or move you though my work. […]

Jeannette Johnson, Painting

“Being an artist allows me to look more deeply at my surroundings. Art is the way in which I open myself up and connect with the world around me. It encourages me to seek out things often overlooked and to explore the subtle beauty that can be found in everyday objects and places.” “Whether an […]

Kate Ladd, Painting

I am an acrylic painter and my paintings on canvas range from 6 x 6 inches to 36 x 48 inches. My recent paintings are based on my garden, impressionistic and semi-abstract. I also paint landscapes in the impressionistic style. Some of my work is based on my travels, in Mexico and Spain and here […]

Deborah Younglao, Painting

DEBORAH YOUNGLAO is a mostly self-taught artist.  Her background is a diverse one:  in addition to her native Caribbean island of Trinidad, Deborah has lived in Barbados, Ireland, Canada and 4 states in the US, including her current home of North Carolina. An accomplished silk painter for many years – she achieved Silk Painters International Master […]

Cat Mahin, Painting

A life-long art-lover, Cat Mahin made her professional debut at the silver anniversary of the 2017 Chatham Studio Tour.  Her painting “My Father’s Watch” won 2nd place. She opened her Critters & Colors Studio in Briar Chapel for the first public exhibit of her unique paintings and printed accessories in 2017.   Cat juxtaposes natural […]

Ginger Earl, Painting

                There was art and art appreciation in my childhood home.  Drawing, painting, and crafting were inherent to life! Until recently, I told myself that I had lost touch with this easy creativity in the years of my early adulthood.  I now see those years as highly creative and full of meaning which informs my […]

Beth Bale, Bird Watchers Painting

A new most-fun painting by Beth Bale. Who among you has a scene like this one at your bird feeder? At our house it’s Harmony and Blossom, our formerly-stray cats. T-Lo lives in the house so she has to just watch from the window, though she still reaches like the one in this painting. I […]

Terri Lange, “Boss” painting

Despite the washout of my camera flash, some of you may relate to this complicated painting by Terri Lange, titled “Boss.” I thought Monday a good to to share it. Who can relate to it as boss themselves? When I was a boss I could relate to the myriad of issues and details to had […]