Vangi Cathcart, Painting

Vangi Cathcart has a Bachelors Degree in Art from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and a Masters Degree in Counseling Education from Lesley University Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has studied Sumi-e Art with several Masters from China, Korea, and Japan. She attended The Boston Museum of Fine Arts for ten years learning Chinese Brush painting. In […]

Shannon Bueker, Painting

I grew up the fifth of six children, spending most of my childhood in San Antonio, TX. My parents are the products of many generations of Texans, and despite many years of traveling in often exotic places, I still feel like Texas is home. I have always drawn. I won my first competition in the […]

Beth Bale, Painting

As one who is caregiver to many animals, large and small, I am privileged to have a constant source of subjects for my art.  My guineas, chickens and horses give  me inspiration and show their faces on my paper and aquaboard.  And I have found aquabaord to be a very pleasing substrate on which to […]

Rita Baldwin, Painting

  Rita Baldwin uses oil on either a canvas or panel.  Some of her paintings are done with a brush, others with a palette knife.  She is a nature lover and especially enjoys landscapes of Chatham County. A converted horse barn has become her studio and gallery.  Each of her landscape paintings takes a direction […]

Vangi Cathcart “Bamboo in Two Paintings”

Bamboo in two paintings by Vangi Cathcart Sumi-e Watercolor A common subject in Vangi Cathcart’s specialty of Sumi-e painting, Bamboo stands for Summer and symbolizes strength and flexibility.  Bamboo is so strong and flexible that it can blow over in the wind and spring back up when the storm has passed.  These qualities are ones […]

horse painting

Shannon Bueker, Painting “Horses Angle Down”

“Horses Angle Down” Shannon Bueker 15″ x 30″, Acrylic on Canvas $450, Original Shannon Bueker is great at bringing dreams to light and motion.  This painting, titled “Horses Angle Down” certainly has a dreamy quality and is also an interesting composition. Try this: Look at it quickly before you recognize the horses and see how […]

Shannon Bueker “Paintings & Cards”

Shannon Bueker – Waterycolor & Acrylic Variety of Paintings & Cards Each piece of Shannon Bueker’s work has a story and many extra details.  Almost always there are animals that I don’t see at first, who ask me to keep looking, to look closer, to discover a mystery, to find the impish sprite.  Looking, I […]

Vangi Cathcart “Paintings – a Variety”

A variety of small pieces of original art Sumi-e watercolor paintings by Vangi Cathcart Who says fine art originals are expensive!  Look at the every-so skillfully and beautifully painted book marks, smaller unframed piece, and even a matted painting $2 – $15 that Vangi Cathcart offers.  Vangi is one of those artists who just wants […]

Andrea Snyder Acrylic & Wax Painting

Untitled Andrea Saccone Snyder Acrylic & Wax Painting, 10″ x 8″ Original, $80           Andrea often doesn’t title her encaustic paintings preferring to let the viewer name them.  To me this is a view of the world from space, a cosmic splash full of passionate aliveness.  It’s a vibrant place, swirling and full of presence […]

Kate Ladd “Vegetable Garden Paintings”

 “Vegetable Garden Paintings” Kate Ladd Acrylic, ~ 8″ x 10″ each $30 each             “Original art for your kitchen!  Most of us spend lots of time in the kitchen – why not have some art there? These cheery fruit and vegetable paintings will make you smile while the coffee is brewing or the dinner […]