Cherie Westmoreland, Pottery & Sculpture

My work is handbuilt: sculptures, wall pieces, bowls, mosaics, face pots, vases, and ceramic jewelry. Some pieces focus on the human face, birds, vines, ferns, and explorations of the form of the vessel (nesting vessels, and holey pieces that play with light and shadows). In other work I create photographic image transfers that incorporate photographs […]

Pet Portraits by Kathy Morgan and Patrick Hitesman

At least two of our Joyful Jewel painters love to do Pet Portraits.  Please contact the Joyful Jewel for more information.  Here are samples:   Kathy Morgan:     Patrick Hitesman:   Powered byEnergy Consciousness Metaphysics

Maryphyllis Horn’s Art Reception

Maryphyllis Horn‘s Art Opening was February 3, 2017, in the them “Shamanic and Metaphorical Images” paintings that show Maryphyllis’s deep connection to animals and her exquisite skill in pastel drawing.  Included were award-winning art pieces. Here are some examples of the Maryphyllis Horn’s work as well as photographs from her reception:     Maryphyllis Horn, […]

Ron Thomas, Farm Scenes

He’s back at the Joyful Jewel, Ron Thomas, one of our favorites! These nostalgic watercolors are rural scenes with barns, familiar in our countrysides. Reminds me of happy times, lazy days of summer, peaceful with few cares. Thank you, Ron, for bringing those memories.

Debbie Englund “The Road I Travel” print

“The Road I Travel” is something completely new from Debbie Englund who recently completed a BFA degree in art. She is known well for her pottery especially the whimsical face mugs. This piece is not clay though; it is a print. Here is what she says about it: “The prints (dry point, ink wash and mud […]

Maryphyllis Horn, Pet Portrait, Yorkies

Sibling yorkies painted by Maryphyllis Horn. They are each cute and soulful, each with their own unique look and personality. Newly offered at the Joyful Jewel, Maryphyllis can do portraits of your pets too. Make an appointment any time!   ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) […]

Shannon Bueker “Coastal Horses

Coastal Horses A new painting by Shannon Bueker, “Coastal Horses”, puts me in the mood to go back to the coast for a few more days. We are so lucky to have a coast that is warm with warm water and also with the shade of those thick trees. Shannon has the colors of sunset […]

Leah Purvis, new Horses

  Two new horses from painter Leah Purvis! Stunning (though my photographs through the glass frame fuzz their details a bit.   ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our newsletter. The Joyful Jewel Website Connect with Owner Mariah Wheeler on LinkedIn

Vangi Cathcart’s New Botanical Art

Sumi-e painter and new graduate of the NC Botanical Garden’s Botanical Illustration program, Vangi Cathcart, has brought in some of her latest paintings of native flowers! Here are two magnolias, a white one and a fuchsia one, plus a tiger lily.     ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call […]

Mary Darley word of St. Francis of Assissi

  Those beautiful words by St. Francis that begin with “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace” . . . Mary Darley has made a new drawing with the words and her animal interpreters.   ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our […]