Emily Weinstein, Writer

 What I love most is painting out in nature; sometimes on a full moon night, or while traveling. I do assemblages, whimsical mixed-media stuff, pet portraits & sometimes with their humans. My work is well presented in my four art gift books: Moon Book, Cat Book, Dog Book and Saving Magic Places.  I just started a 25-year […]

Aja Demeterra, Greeting Cards

Aja Demeterra’s cards feature prints of her original acrylic paintings and her own verse.  She says, “I see visions of another realm.  All my art expresses what I see.” Aja Demeterra, Greeting Cards

Carolyn Levy, Pottery

       Pottery was a medium I had not given much consideration.  I took a class in pottery to give me a fresh look into my painting. I did not have a clear idea where this would lead, never expecting it was where I belonged. I’ve just begun my journey in clay and feel […]

Rita Baldwin “Sitting on the Edge”

“Sitting on the Edge” Rita Baldwin Oil Painting Here kitty kitty.  Looking pensive yet alert, a beauty “Sitting on the Edge” in Rita Baldwin’s painting, I think she would rather smell the flowers than come over to say hello.  There is a lesson in this. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter […]

Wendy Wilkins “Purple Flower” Mug

Purple Flower Mug Alcohol Inks on Ceramic Wendy Wilkins Working with alcohol inks, Wendy Wilkins produced the exceptionally vibrant painting on this mug. Surely that buttery yellow warms the coffee of tea inside.  And you’ll get to savor the purple flowers with each sip! Wendy Wilkins earned her MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill and is the […]

Terri Lange “Black Tie”

“Black Tie” Terri Lange Acrylic Painting Terri Lange calls this abstract painting “Black Tie” and I can see the formality of it.  Also, the passion of the red “scarf” makes me think of a special prom night, full of kisses and dips on the dance floor!  I enjoy making up my own stories to abstract […]

Deborah Younglao, Silk Scarves

Painting on lustrous silk with brilliant, liquid dyes has been my passion for nearly 20 years. A piece of silk being painted becomes a living thing. Wet dyes are constantly on the move… the creation in front of me is always changing. Dyes, silk and I dance together. Sometimes I lead; more often the painting […]

Janine Maves, Silk Painted Wearables

  I’ve always had busy hands and a curious mind and have felt the need to make art since I was a child.  I began taking fashion design and fashion illustration classes in the teen program offered at The Chicago Art Institute.  My love of clothing has never entirely disappeared.  In college, my passion for color […]

Donna Cassidy, Fiber Art – Crochet

I have a background in painting and printmaking, but have always been drawn to crafts. Currently I am going in two very different craft directions. I am working in fused and stained glass for 34 years. I love this medium, but I needed to work in something I could shape directly and that was soft. […]

Patrick Hitesman “Summer Vacation Imbibing”

Summer Vacation Imbibing Patrick Hitesman Painting With his summer vacation about to be over, art teacher Patrick Hitesman, must already be missing the extra time for the pursuits pictured in these of his paintings!  Leisurely sipping on the sail boat, sharing grapes with his beloved, watching the antics of his children while sipping a beer […]