Steve Karloski, Pottery

Each of my pieces are hand-carved and no two are alike.  I use a slab roller to start with an even clay base and add to that.  I am inspired by natural subject matter, mainly plants, animals and faces.  I use many glazes that are mixed at home, some are dipped and others are sprayed.  […]

Angie Williams, Pottery

I sign my pieces, “Mizpah Pottery.”  Mizpah means “May God watch over you while we’re apart” and is inspired by my grandmother. Each piece also has a hidden cross.  For my shell art, I have hand picked each shell from Atlantic Beach or Morehead City, NC, and they reflect life’s memories and moments. The turtle […]

Belinda Hardin, Pottery

I make wheel thrown stoneware pottery.  The pastel blue/green pieces are spray glazed with some different glazes.  My inspiration comes from the colors of this local area and traditional forms.  Some pieces are textured with sodium silicate that creates a contrast between a blue/green palette and brown. Belinda Hardin, Pottery

North Carolina Pottery at the Joyful Jewel

Pottery is one of the arts that North Carolina is known for and the Joyful Jewel has a very nice selection from 13 or so local potters.  Here is a sampling: ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our newsletter. The Joyful Jewel Website […]

Pottery, a NC Special for Collectors

Pottery is one of the arts that North Carolina is known for and the Joyful Jewel has a very nice selection from 13 or so local potters.  Here is a sampling:

Libba Adams, Pottery

River Road follows the Haw River in Northeast Chatham County, NC, and was once called “Peace Road” by the farming families who lived there.  Situated between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro, River Road maintains its peaceful nature.  The land is dense with beech, holly, oak and maple trees and is home to many species of birds […]

Tim Smith, Pottery Animals

Tim Smith was a whimsical, talented, musical guy of the mountains who created little joys of clay  for all your dysfunctional pottery needs.   We mourn his death in July 2015.  His family benefits from the sales of these last pieces of his art. Tim Smith’s music is also at the Joyful Jewel.  See his music […]

Joseph Sand, Pottery

Joseph was born and raised in the small, southern Minnesota town of Austin.  He graduated from Austin High School in 2001 and then headed up north to the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Joseph had the opportunity to spend part of his junior year abroad studying art in Cortona, Italy through the University of Georgia-Athens. Early on […]

Carolyn Levy, Pottery

       Pottery was a medium I had not given much consideration.  I took a class in pottery to give me a fresh look into my painting. I did not have a clear idea where this would lead, never expecting it was where I belonged. I’ve just begun my journey in clay and feel […]

Jerry Fowler, Pottery

Jerry Fowler began making pottery in High School.  He studied Ceramics under Carlton Ball at Univ. of Southern California and built catenary arch kilns at UCR and in Brazil.  Pieces on display have been fired in a variety of ways.        All pieces are food/dishwasher and oven safe with the exception of the Raku […]