HP Pelzel & Sandra Boyd Pelzel “Free Form Bowl”

“Free Form Bowl” HP Pelzel & Sandra Boyd Pelzel Pottery, ~ 6″ x 4″ $25           HP and Sandra Pelzel told me that this bowl was formed around a balloon!  The design was carved into the clay and then the piece was laid around the balloon.  As the clay hardened, the balloon was popped and […]

Joseph Sand “Stein Mug”

Stein Mug Joseph Sand ~ 4″ x 6 1/2 ” plus handle, ceramic $25           I’m thinking that Joseph Sand made this particular mug large enough for a healthy portion of hot chocolate or coffee.  Surely it would hold a whole beer too and would be fun to use as a stein with frothy foam […]

Shannon Bueker “Birds in Grass” ceramic wall piece

“Birds in Grass” Shannon Bueker ceramic wall piece, ~ 9″ x 14″ $125           Known so well for her vibrant animal watercolor paintings, Shannon Bueker is less known for her pottery even though I think she’s been doing it on the side for a long time.  You can see the same type of nature scene […]

Pam Epperson “Flower and Bee Mug”

Flower and Bee Mug Pam Epperson Ceramic, ~ 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ plus Handle $95           This mug was surely made to delight!  It does and beckons you to take a drink of something delicious and healthy.  Pam Epperson seems to love a nature scene and she re-creates them with a sense of movement […]

HP Pelzel and Sandra Boyd Pelzel “Teapot Set”

Teapot with Two Cups HP Pelzel and Sandra Boyd Pelzel ceramic, pot ~ 10″ x 5 1/2″, cups ~3″ x 3 1/2″ + handle $125 set      The Pelzels have made an exquisite tea set which is perfect for displaying as pieces of pottery art, and also can be used for a lovely tea time.  […]

Debbie Englund “Face Mug”

Face Mug Debbie Englund ceramic, ~ 4″ x 4 1 /2″ $25           Get your morning off to a laugh and wake up too, with this whimsical face mug by Debbie Englund.  I love the eyebrows and red lips, but most of all I love, because I recognize it, the exasperated expression that one sees […]

Jerry Fowler “Large Vase”

   “Large Vase” Jerry Fowler ~6″ x 18″, Ceramic $95           This simply elegant tall vase reminds me of Oriental art, bamboo against a white background.  What a perfect stand for an umbrella at the front door, holding a dried flower or peacock feather next to the fireplace mantle, or displayed on it’s own shelf […]

Carolyn Levy “Curvy Platter/Bowl”

Curvy Platter/Bowl with Leaves Carolyn Levy Pottery, ~ 13 1/2″ x 9″ $45           This cross between a platter and a blow would hold a variety of delicious dishes, adding to their flavor with it’s glistening green leaves and welcoming shape.  Carolyn Levy fashioned this flouncing platter by hand and adorned it with several veined […]

Susan Luster “Terra Cotta Fern”

“Terra Cotta Fern” Wall Hanging Susan G. Luster ceramic, glaze, reclaimed wood – 9 1/2″ x 18″ $70           This gorgeous fern, memorialized on Susan G. Luster’s terra cotta pottery, and then mounted on a reclaimed piece of barn wood, is just asking to take it’s place on a nature-lover’s wall.  Susan has an unusual […]

Siglinda Scarpa “Coffee Cup with Saucer”

“Coffee Cup with Saucer” Siglinda Scarpa ~ 5″ x 4 1/2″ Pottery, $45      How clever is this – a coffee mug or tea cup with saucer attached!  This interesting shape with it’s unexpected curves and curl would feel soooo good in your hands.  The color can be described as either frosty or frothy depending […]