Debbie Englund “Raku Vase”

The Joyful Jewel Raku Vase Debbie Englund Pottery, 4″ x 11″ $75 I think this piece should be called “Rakish Raku Vase” because of all the curves and the sense of flirty motion!  Debbie is known for her fanciful face mugs but also makes curvy beautifully glazed vases and sculpture.  This one would be perfect […]

Pam Epperson “Rabbit & Bird” Covered Jar

“Rabbit & Bird” Covered Jar Pam Epperson Pottery, ~ 3 1/2″ x 7″, $16      Pam Epperson just brought in a whole new line of whimsical blue and turquoise glazed pottery.  This covered jar is simply irresistible!  I wonder what will go inside this jar, and will the two animal friends sneak little bites while […]

HP & Sandra Pelzel “Eared Bowl & and Vase”

“Eared Bowl and Vase” HP Pelzel and Sandra Boyd Pelzel Ceramic, Bowl: 5 1/2″ x 3″, Vase: 3″ x 4 1/2″ Bowl $18, Vase $15 What perfectly beautiful pieces of pottery these are!  Each is formed with sweet even, sinuous shape and glazed with lush blue and burgundy.  Even the ear handles on the bowl […]

Carolyn Levy “Flower Box” Wall Piece

“Flower Box” Carolyn Levy 8″ x 8″ Ceramic Dimensional Wall Piece $75       This piece is wonderfully dimensional and the merry poppies seem to jump right out from among the ferns and other flowers.  Carolyn Levy is always thinking of new ways to fashion her clay and she bring a lot of details into […]

Debbie Englund “Face Mug”

“Face Mug” Debbie Englund ceramic $25           Wouldn’t it be perfect fun to serve your sweetie his/her Valentine’s morning coffee in this sassy red-lipped face mug!  Debbie Englund is well known for her “ugly mugs” but this is one of the few with the red lips, not to mention the extra eyelashes and in-your-face charm. […]

Susan G. Luster “Queen Anne’s Lace”

“Queen Anne’s Lace” Wall Plaque Susan G. Luster Pottery & Wood, ~ 9″ x 14″ $90           An environmentalist as well as a potter, our newest artist Susan G. Luster, combines her love of art with a love of plants, especially native plants from her own backyard.  Susan imprints the plants in wet clay, then […]

The Pelzels “Honey Pot”

Honey Pot H.P. Pelzel & Sandra Boyd-Pelzel Art for Cancer Ceramic, 4″ diameter $30           When I mentioned that a couple of folks had asked for small honey pots, the Pelzels stepped up with a most wonderful pot with easy to manipulate lid and adorned with honey bees!  They spent a bit of time finding […]

On a Monday

Standing over in the pottery section by Jerry’s pouty red-lipped chickens, I turn to the Featured Artist wall and see absolute dazzle as light hits Janice’s mosaics. Afternoon light is stunning on them, dear Ms. Rieves. Then I sit at the computer and straight in front of my eyes the sun is making magic on […]

Jerry Fowler “Blue Frosted Bowl”

“Blue Frosted Bowl” Jerry Fowler ~ 5 3/4″ x 3″, Ceramic $12           Perfect for soup or oatmeal on a winter day — or maybe for snow ice cream!  Do you think we’ll have any snow this year?  Jerry Fowler made the bluest of blue bowl, perfect and inviting you to hold and warm your […]

HP Pelzel & Sandra Boyd Pelzel “Mask”

“Mask” HP Pelzel and Sandra Boyd Pelzel Clay & Mixed Media, ~ 8″ x 12″ $120           Frightfully exotic!  That’s what I think of this fabulous clay and mixed media mask by the Pelzels.  What a creative design.  You might expect this to be from a foreign country, yet it was made right here in […]