Angie Williams – Tropical Fish Plate

“Tropical Fish Plate” Angie Williams Pottery $42 – SOLD This is a stoneware hand built plate – using carving techniques and embellishing the features with brushes to make it look more dimensional.  I chose particular colors that you would see on tropical fish within the Caribbean. As this plate is stoneware it is food and […]

Jospeh Sand – “Tea Pot”

“Teapot” Joseph Sand Ceramic, Two Pieces, 9″ x 7″ $65 Potter Joseph Sand must know something about intimacy — a teapot just for two to have their tea, just invites sweet, deep and poignant conversation.  Let’s go to the kitchen now and enjoy a cup of Darjeeling or Mint tea. ~~~ See new pieces on […]

Debbie Englund – Bird House

Bird House Debbie Englund Ceramic, ~ 6″ diameter $30           When Debbie brought these fun-shaped bird houses in, I laughed seeing them as the perfect complement to her full-of-personality Face Mugs!  Each has a way of drawing you in and several great places for the bird to perch and sing.  I particularly like this bird […]

Pam Epperson “Bluebird Bowl”

Bluebird Bowl Pam Epperson Ceramic, approx 6 diameter with fluted rim $18            This lovely cheerful painted bluebird would be to fun to find at the bottom of your morning cereal bowl.  Pam has mugs and a even a vase for the center of your breakfast table as well.  Further decorating with Pam’s pottery, you […]

Siglinda Scarpa “Cat Mug”

“Cat Mug” Siglinda Scarpa Ceramic           If you can, go out to the Goathouse Cat Refuge today and adopt a black cat.  While in my mind they are the most beautiful, sleek, wonderfully mysterious and otherwise just like any other cat, black cats are the last to be adopted.  If a new cat is not […]

Jerry Fowler “Goblins”

“Goblins!” Jerry Fowler Ceramic, ~ 2″ $3 each       Those of us who know Jerry are not surprised by the humor and fun he has with his pottery!  These festive goblins join Jerry’s Cosmic Pigs and Cosmic Chickens to bring laughter and joy.  I included a few of my (Mariah Wheeler) own orange & black […]

Jerry Fowler “Cosmic Chicken Bud Vase”

“Cosmic Chicken Bud Vase” Jerry Fowler Ceramic, 7″ x 5 1/2″ + flowers $45 Created by the very aptly named potter Jerry Fowler, this is a new Cosmic Chicken for your collection.  She is meant to hold buds in the holes in her back and is showing you how to arrange them by sporting some […]

Carolyn Levy “3-Piece Lantern”

“Three-Piece Lantern” Carolyn Levy Ceramic, 9″ x 14″ $125 New artist, Potter Carolyn Levy, brought this fabulous lantern in among her bird house ornaments, a large rambling turtle and several wall pieces.  They are displayed in the new Gaia’s Garden room. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at […]

Pelzels “The One That Got Away”

 “The One That Got Away” H.P. Pelzel & Sandra Boyd Pelzel Stained Glass & Fused Glass with Mixed Media 16″ x 9″ + Lure $70           The stained glass fish series came about as a result of visiting a Louis Tiffany exhibit in Florida.  In reading the history of how Tiffany did designs and sketches […]

Sandra Boyd Pelzel “Glass Box”

“Glass Box” Sandra Boyd Pelzel Stained Glass, Fused Glass, with Mirror and Chain 8″ x 8″ $50            The jewelry box is a one-of-a-kind piece we  made after over our 15 years of doing all kinds of art glass.  Initially we made more traditional boxes using standard stained glass.  Once we began doing fused glass, […]