Jerry Fowler “Royal Sonic Prince”

“Royal Sonic Prince II” Jerry Fowler Ceramic, 10″ x “9” $98         I enjoy creating “Whimsical Creatures” from wheel thrown clay structures. Today’s “creature” is a member of the “Sonic Chicken Royal Family.”  This ceramic sculpture is known as the “Royal Sonic Prince II.” The rest of his family consists of Royal Sonic Kings, Queens, […]

Debbie Englund “Gloxinia Vase”

“Gloxinia Flower Vase” Debbie Englund Pottery, ~8″ x 5″ $75      Recently, I have been experimenting with altering thrown pieces. This blue flower was turned on the wheel and then altered or sculpted. While I was carving in some of the detail on the petals, I realized it was beginning to resemble a Gloxinia. […]

HP Pelzel & Sandra Boyd-Pelzel – Raku VSES

“Raku Vases” HP Pelzel & Sandy Boyd-Pelzel Ceramic $22 each      The raku pottery process is a very unique ceramic firing process.  Special clay that can withstand thermal shock is used to create a pottery piece.  After the pottery has been bisque fired, it is glazed with special raku glazes and fired to a temperature […]