Carolyn Levy, Pottery

       Pottery was a medium I had not given much consideration.  I took a class in pottery to give me a fresh look into my painting. I did not have a clear idea where this would lead, never expecting it was where I belonged. I’ve just begun my journey in clay and feel […]

Jerry Fowler, Pottery

Jerry Fowler began making pottery in High School.  He studied Ceramics under Carlton Ball at Univ. of Southern California and built catenary arch kilns at UCR and in Brazil.  Pieces on display have been fired in a variety of ways.        All pieces are food/dishwasher and oven safe with the exception of the Raku […]

Pam Epperson, Pottery

Pam creates nature-inspired functional pottery for everyday use. Pam Epperson, Pottery

Debbie Englund, Face Mugs & Pottery

Each piece is unique.  Just like all over the world no two faces are exactly the same.  After I have the vessel-mug, jug etc. (or plaque), I’ll usually start with the nose and then make the other features fit the face.  After applying the features I’ll do a little carving to enhance the expression.  I’m […]

Jacquelyn Lowry, Sculpture & Pottery

   I primarily use  cone 6 clay, electric fire for my work. I have been working with clay as a medium for about eight years. Most of my knowledge and experience with sculpting and throwing was in the CCCC Pottery and Sculpture program at Siler City, though I did attend both Greensboro College and UNCG […]

The Pelzels “Set of Op Art Pottery Vases”

Op Art Vase Set HP Pelzel & Sandra Boyd Pelzel Set of 5, $65 HP & Sandra Pelzel have created a jaunty set of 5 vases with a kind of op art look.  Each is a different height and design with white and primary colors that pop.  Vases would make a great centerpiece on a […]

Carolyn Levy “Appliqued Pottery Vase”

Appliqued Pottery Vase Carolyn Levy Pottery Looking for something way out of the ordinary with obvious creativity — plus that can be physically useful?  Carolyn Levy’s work will certainly fill the bill.  This hand-built vase is full of color and so much absorbing detail that adding flowers could bring on ecstasy! ~~~ See new pieces […]

Joseph Sand “Blue Lidded Pot” – pottery

  Blue Lidded Pot Joseph Sand 8″ dia. x 13″ high Pottery $125           Time to start collecting Joseph Sand’s amazing pottery.  This elegant blue pot with swirls and understated sparkle would be a perfect addition to anyone’s pottery display. We fully expect that Joseph Sand will be world-known in the near future as his […]

Jerry Fowler “Sonic Chicken King” – Pottery at the Joyful Jewel

The Joyful Jewel “Sonic Chicken King” Jerry Fowler Pottery, 10″ x 8″ 3-dimensional $98 Here is my favorite of the Sonic and Cosmic Chickens that Jerry has here now. BTW – that’s King not a la king. This guy really rules the roost with a proud swagger-mixed with benevolent character that is quite striking.  To […]

Amanda Egdorf-Sand Pottery Earrings

“Circles Earrings” Amanda Egdorf Sand 1 1/2″ x 1/4″, Pottery with Glaze and Sterling Silver Earwires $15       Using local clay and glazes from my husband’s pottery operation, these earrings are created individually by hand, exemplifying the natural curves and lines found in nature.  All pieces are fired among the larger functional pottery […]