Rita Baldwin “Azalea Garden”

“Azalea Garden” Rita Baldwin Original Oil Painting, on Canvas If the weather keeps up like this we will soon be seeing azalea’s bloom as in Rita Baldwin’s dynamic flower-full painting.  First will be crocus and daffodils to color our green. She has probably painted some of those too.  Rita captured so many of the shades […]

On a Monday

Helen and Shuga ODE TO THE JOYFUL JEWEL we walk into the JJ after a couple weeks away nothing looks the same nothing seemed to stay our hats, shawls and scarves are now worn about town many large paintings from the wall have come down bracelets and earrings have found new homes they were chosen […]

Debbie Englund “Angel”

Angel Debbie Englund Angels we have heard on high — and seen at the Joyful Jewel.  This pious ceramic angel is made by Debbie Englund and has a face of beauty rather than an “ugly” one like  Debbie puts on her face mugs. Angel shows a whole different side of Debbie’s art!  Suitable for sitting […]

Jerry Fowler “Japanese Style Tea Pot”

Japanese Tea Pot Jerry Fowler Ceramic Cold weather, just the time for a pot of hot Gemaicha tea – my favorite!  And served in this beautiful elegant tea pot by Jerry Fowler would be perfect.  Jerry made his own bamboo securely attached handle to make pouring easy. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us […]

Cynthia Aldrich “Container” at the Joyful Jewel 12-4-14

“Vase or Container” Cynthia Aldrich Beautiful vase in Cynthia Aldrich’s unmistakeable style.  Love these colors and the elegant shape.  Could also be used as a utensil pot. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our newsletter. The Joyful Jewel Website Connect with Owner Mariah […]

Gina Boyle “Music”

“Music” Gina Boyle Collage of Pottery, Glass & Found Objects, 7″ x 7″ $64 Here is what new Joyful Jewel artist, Gina Boyle, says about her art – and I think she means it!: My mixed media mosaics combine my own handmade tiles (all of the the quotation, word & sculptural tiles) with fine china, […]

Susan Luster “Terra Cotta Fern” at the Joyful Jewel

“Terra Cotta Fern” Tray Susan G. Luster Clay with Copper Glazed Fern, 12″ x 11″ $75 It is interesting to see how differently Susan Luster’s fern work shows up on her new terra cotta pottery.  She usually works in white porcelain. The fern is done in copper glazing, the same kind as on the white […]

Debbie Englund “Jack-o-Lantern”

Jack-o-Lantern Debbie Englund Ceramic, 6″ dia. x ~7″ tall $22 Looking for something to keep your Halloween candy in?  Debbie Englund has made several of these cute ceramic Jack-o-Lanterns.  I especially like the crooked smile and asymmetrical eyes of this one, but as usual each piece of Debbie’s work is unique so the others, just […]

Jerry Fowler “Pour Bowl”

“Pour Bowl” Jerry Fowler Ceramic with Spout & Handle, 6″ diameter, 3″ deep $15 Mix and pour in the same bowl.  I wonder if Jerry Fowler had in mind pancakes when he made this striking bowl.  Bold blue and brown suggests blueberries and walnuts for the batter.  Now I’m hungry and wishing to get busy […]

Jacquelyn Lowry “Little Hand-Formed Bird”

“Little Hand-Formed Bird” Jacquelyn Lowry Ceramic Sculpture, ~ 4″ x 4″ $20 Expertly formed and beautifully glazed this lovely hand-formed bird by Jacquelyn Lowry wants to share his song with you — and with his countless brethren who are outside busily planning their Fall migration.  He may wonder where they are going but he is […]