Carolyn Levy “Bee Cylinder”

“Bee Cylinder” Carolyn Levy Pottery, ~ 4 1/2″ diameter x 6″ tall $30 Carolyn Levy initially signed up for a pottery class in order to get a fresh perspective on her painting. This “journey in clay” has resulted in a unique style marked by earthy colors and Asian motifs as well as the use of […]

Pam Epperson “Sunflower Mug”

“Sunflower Mug” Pam Epperson Ceramic, ~ 3 1/2″ x 4″ $16 Pam’s sunflower-themed bowls and mugs just make you feel good all over. Her exquisite glazes and details such as a cheery painted flower on the bottom of this mug provide a warm and whimsical link between artist and user. Take some time away from […]

Jerry Fowler “Garlic Press Bowl”

“Garlic Press Bowl” Jerry Fowler Ceramic, 4″ diameter, with Wooden Pestle $15 Garlic is so good, and so good for you!This wonderful bowl will crush the garlic up perfectly to add to your favorite sauces and soups. Think gazpacho on these hot days. It even comes with Jerry’s handmade wood garlic crusher! by Kate ~~~ […]

Cynthia Aldrich “Sponge Cup”

“Sponge Cup” Cynthia Aldrich Ceramic, ~ 3 1/2 diameter, x 3″ tall $15 What a novel idea Cynthia Aldrich had.  Make a holder for the kitchen sponge!  The sponge can drain and dry while it looks pretty next to the sink.  Cynthia’s signature glazing and little blue flower matches the other pieces such as bowls, […]

HP & Sandra Pelzel “Tooth Fairy Box”

“Tooth Fairy Box” HP Pelzel & Sandra Boyd Pelzel Ceramic Box with Lid and Pillow, 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ $20   What stories this little box by the Pelzels could tell!  A “Tooth Fairy Box” dressed in festive red and green with a just-right fitting lid, awaits first a fallen tooth lain with care […]

Debbie Englund “This Butts for You”

“Butt Mug” Debbie Englund Pottery, ~ 4 diameter” x 4 1/2″ tall $25 Here is something new from Debbie Englund to display alongside a Face Mug.  She had several one liners to go with these, but I don’t remember them all. “This Butts for You.” “Bottoms Up.”  These are roomy, fleshy mugs that will hold […]

HP & Sandra Pelzel “Sushi Bowl” at the Joyful Jewel 6-18-14

“Sushi Bowl” HP Pelzel & Sandra Boyd Pelzel Ceramic 6 1/2″ diameter, with wooden Chopsticks $23 What fun it would be to serve rice and sushi in this beautiful bowl by the Pelzels. I love the red inside and the hint of bamboo on the outside.  Even the chopsticks, which were not made by the […]

Diane Ness -Handmade Clothing

Handmade Wrap, Poppy Blouse and Jacket Diane Ness Wrap – $175, Blouse – $145, Jacket – $175 New artist Diane Ness, brings handmade clothing of the most exquisite materials.  They flowing designs in natures colors, and they fit most women.  The wrap is of finest taffeta.  The blouse and the jacket are of  washed linen […]

Pam Epperson “Ceramic Sunflower Bowl”

Sunflower Bowl Pam Epperson Ceramic bowl, ~ 6″ diameter $18 Looking for a new bowl for Papa’s breakfast cereal or lunch stew, here is a beauty by Pam Epperson with a cheerful sunflower.  It is just deep enough to hold a healthy size meal or salad and beautiful enough that you want to get all […]

On a Monday

Magic, I tell you, Magic. Unfolds all the time here A woman walks in, new arrival from Michigan, fingering pottery and appreciating front window display. Three more women enter, from Chicago. Soon, the four are comparing notes, realizing they grew up within ten miles of each other. A little later, one customer (who just happens […]