Joseph Sand “Large Teapot”

“Large Tea Pot” Joseph Sand ceramic, ~ 12″ x 12″ $170 Memorial Day weekend picnics are coming and we need a pitcher for iced tea that is large enough to hold most of a gallon.  This Joseph Sand tea pot will do the job nicely.  The piece itself isn’t heavy and it has the best […]

Debbie Englund “Happy Face Jug”

“Happy Face Jug” Debbie Englund Ceramic, ~ 6″ x 7″ $45 I’ll just bet you are smiling now!  Who can resist grinning back at this cute guy with the bushy eyebrows and crossed eyes.  Debbie Englund makes each of these jugs (or mugs) with it’s own expression.  I wonder if she has one of those […]

wine glasses

Jerry Fowler “Wine/Cordial Glasses”

Wine/Cordial Glasses Jerry Fowler Ceramic, ~ 3″ x 7″ $23 each Perfect for a rainy day cozy evening at home passing glasses of wine all around.  I think a hearty red would look especially enticing in these teal/turquoise glasses.  Jerry Fowler made each glass beautifully centered with a thin smooth lip and stocky stem — […]

Jacquelyn Lowry “Birds of a Feather”

“Birds of a Feather” Jacquelyn Lowry Ceramic Sculpture, ~ 7″ x 7″ $50 A relatively small sculpture that packs a full load of story and shows the fine creativity and skill of Jacquelyn Lowry.  I’m not certain if this scene is from known mythology, but I would not be surprised if it’s from Jacquelyn herself. […]

HP & Sandra Pelzel “Paper Weight”

Ceramic Paper Weight HP Pelzel & Sandra Boyd Pelzel Ceramic with Metal Leaves and Finial, glass beads ~ 4″ dia. x 4″ tall $25 It’s only a paperweight, but what a beautiful piece of art it is!  The colors are absolute magic and of course the paperweight does his job exceptionally well, keeping everything in […]

Carolyn Levy “Button Jar”

“Button Jar” Carolyn Levy Ceramic, ~ 3 1/2″ dia. x 4″ tall, 2 piece with lid $12 Cute as a button they say, this saying surely came from Carolyn Levy’s ceramic “Button Jar!”  (Can’t image what else can you?).  With it’s perfectly fitted lid and countless “buttons” it is certainly cute.  Not only cute, but […]

Arican Violet pot

Jerry Fowler “African Violet Pot”

“African Violet Pot” Jerry Fowler Ceramic, ~ 8″ dia. x 4″ tall $35 Jerry Fowler calls this “African Violet Pot” but don’t you think it could just as easily hold chives and thyme in your kitchen window.  Their shades of green and variety shape would contrast beautifully with the blue shades in the pottery.  You […]

Jacquelyn Lowry “From the Vineyard”

“From the Vineyard” Jacquelyn Lowry Ceramic, with Underglazes & Oil, ~ 8″ x 20″ $300 For Earth Day instead of featuring a succulent plant or a well-aging tree, I decided to show you this human being, a goddess intimately sculpted by Jacquelyn Lowry to celebrate the vineyards of life.  In her delicate condition, she connects […]

Pam Epperson “Rabbit Mug”

Rabbit Mug Pam Epperson Ceramic, 3 1/2″ diameter + handle, 4 1/2″ tall $18 I’ll bet she didn’t even know she would be helping us diet!  Sipping coffee or tea in a mug as lively as this one by Pam Epperson, starts the day off so sweetly that you won’t even have to put sugar […]

Shannon Bueker “Elephant Folds”

“Elephant Folds” Shannon Bueker Ceramic Sculpture, ~ 7 1/2″ x 11″, with hanger on the back $145 Shannon Bueker came in yesterday with new pieces and I thought I had taken a look, yet this morning I was totally awestruck by this powerfully humble elephant sculpture.  Shannon is widely known for her watercolor and acrylic […]