Carolyn Levy – “Wall Box”

“Wall Box” Carolyn Levy ~ 7″ x 6″, Ceramic $55   Truly one of the most captivating art pieces at the Joyful Jewel, is this hangable ceramic sculpture by Carolyn Levy, with the unassuming title, “Wall Box.”  The first thing I noticed was the egg recessed and surrounded by “seeds” adding to the symbology of […]

Marty Broda “Maternal Harmony”

“Maternal Harmony” Marty Broda Wood, Mixed Media Hanging Sculpture, ~ 4″ x 7″ $25 Hanging this powerful piece by Marty Broda, “Maternal Harmony” is sure to bring sweet and easy holidays to any home!  Beauty, spirit and purpose come together in all of Marty’s Gaia Spirit Sticks. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us […]

Jacquelyn Lowry “The Girl From Moth Lake”

“Girl From Moth Lake” Jacquelyn Lowry Ceramic Sculpture, ~ 6″ x 8″ $130           It’s easy to imagine this winsome lovely porcelain girl coming right up from the depths of Moth Lake and Jacquelyn Lowry has loaded her with finely crafted embellishment including some gold leaf. Cool colors and fine fine details in 3 dimensions […]

Linda Collura “Fairy with Butterfly”

Fairy with Butterfly Linda Collura Ceramic Sculpture, ~ 5″ x 4″ $85 Amazed — this sweet fairy entranced with the butterfly that has landed on her shoulder, and me looking at the engaging scene that Linda Collura has fashioned with her clay.  I know that pose, frozen in time, with awe at nature’s bounty, pointing […]

Joseph Sand “Stein Mug”

Stein Mug Joseph Sand ~ 4″ x 6 1/2 ” plus handle, ceramic $25           I’m thinking that Joseph Sand made this particular mug large enough for a healthy portion of hot chocolate or coffee.  Surely it would hold a whole beer too and would be fun to use as a stein with frothy foam […]

Shannon Bueker “Birds in Grass” ceramic wall piece

“Birds in Grass” Shannon Bueker ceramic wall piece, ~ 9″ x 14″ $125           Known so well for her vibrant animal watercolor paintings, Shannon Bueker is less known for her pottery even though I think she’s been doing it on the side for a long time.  You can see the same type of nature scene […]

Debbie Englund “Raku Vase”

The Joyful Jewel Raku Vase Debbie Englund Pottery, 4″ x 11″ $75 I think this piece should be called “Rakish Raku Vase” because of all the curves and the sense of flirty motion!  Debbie is known for her fanciful face mugs but also makes curvy beautifully glazed vases and sculpture.  This one would be perfect […]

On a Monday 5-25-13

 The phone just rang with someone asking me to check an artist name on a sculpture he is writing about for Vision and Voice. Yesterday someone stopped in to write about Athena’s Legacy. On Saturday, a fluid group of writers came and went, pausing to sit in chairs and write from the muse that leaped […]

Jospeh Sand – “Tea Pot”

“Teapot” Joseph Sand Ceramic, Two Pieces, 9″ x 7″ $65 Potter Joseph Sand must know something about intimacy — a teapot just for two to have their tea, just invites sweet, deep and poignant conversation.  Let’s go to the kitchen now and enjoy a cup of Darjeeling or Mint tea. ~~~ See new pieces on […]

Brooks “Flamingo”

“Flamingo” Brooks Fabric, Wire, Wicker, Steel + More Stands 42″ Tall $400           New multi-media artist Brooks has joined us this week at the Joyful Jewel.  This stunning piece is an example of just how multi-talented she is!  Other creations of Brooks include whimsical hats, small sculpture, photography, up-cycled clothing and hand spun & dyed […]