John Makowski “Galloway Cow”

“Galloway Cow” John Makowski Ceramic, 29 1/2″ x 26 3/4″, framed $650           It seems to me that the Muse speaks loudest in the places we are the most at peace.  Surely John Makowski loves this scene near where he lives, and he has captured the landscape and soft spirit of grazing in the lea.  […]

Beth Shaffer “Bird House”

 “Bird House” Beth Shaffer ~ 9″ x 8″, Utensils & Mixed Media! $45 Beth Shaffer makes fun wherever she goes, I’m sure of it!  I’d love to follow her around as she collects utensils for her very popular wind chimes and now also bird houses and even a twirling sculpture.  This whimsical bird house reminds […]

Barbara Thompson “Candle Holder”

“Candle Holder” Barbara Thompson Assemble Sculpture, glass- 4″ x 8 1/2″ $10 I am a recycler by nature and I’ve always loved glass.  Making these glass sculptures is satisfying on many levels.  This candle holder can be garden art, but weather will eventually cause it to lose some luster. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook […]

John Makowski “Bali Om”

“Bali Om III” John Makowski Ceramic on Board, 12″ x 12″ framed $100 John said he had been familiar with the “Om” meditation symbol that looks like a bit like the number three with a tail, but found out that there are actually 90+ symbols for Om used in different countries and sects.  He loved […]

Jan Dunn “Grace”

 “Grace” Jan Dunn Fanciful Basketry 16″ x 6″ + Long Extensions $75 In celebration and honor of the Joyful Jewel’s 2nd anniversary, “Grace” came to be. Starting with a star base, the shape of the woven sculpture was suggested.  Using wire for weaving and adding beads for some bling, it looks a bit like a […]

Jerry Fowler “Royal Sonic Prince”

“Royal Sonic Prince II” Jerry Fowler Ceramic, 10″ x “9” $98         I enjoy creating “Whimsical Creatures” from wheel thrown clay structures. Today’s “creature” is a member of the “Sonic Chicken Royal Family.”  This ceramic sculpture is known as the “Royal Sonic Prince II.” The rest of his family consists of Royal Sonic Kings, Queens, […]

M Osolin-Putnam “The Guardian” 8-21-12

“The Guardian” Marrianna Osolin-Putnam Acrylic, 14″ x 18″ on Canvas $250 THE GUARDIAN was inspired by a piece of stained glass that I saw in a gallery in Arizona. I have traveled extensively in the American Southwest, and am very drawn to Native American art and symbolism. I set the image of the guardian in […]

John Makowski “Large Altar”

Large Altar John Makowski Ceramic with Dry Glaze, 15″ x 18″ $225 This altar is one in a series of altars…the series is still in process.  I have had altars since the early ’70s when I discovered the Goddess spirituality movement in San Francisco.  Then I just piled up rocks and built “sacred space”  areas […]