Anora McGaha/When Women Waken “Grief” Journal

Anora McGaha Grief

“Grief: When Women Waken”
Anora McGaha, Editor
A Journal of Poetry, Prose & Images
$10, black & white version

I have been perusing the “hard copy” versions of the Journals of “When Women Waken” and have been especially struck by this journal devoted to Grief.  This book contains 171 entries submitted by writers and visual artists from all over the world on this very sensitive topic.  The cover art is by Susan Fulton, a photographer and graphic artist: chosen for the cover “because it symbolized many aspects of grief: the darkness surrounding us; the rough and unsteady ground below us, dizzying; off in the far distance a clearing, a light, some color; but still some layers of purple clouds to walk under.” (Anora McGaha, the editor’s words).  If you are grieving, come in to peruse through this journal and be understood, be heart-opened, be comforted.  I don’t know if any of the submitters to this issue are coming to read tomorrow, but I hope so.  Timely, and we really need each other.


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