Aruna Gurumurthy, Writer


Aruna Gurumurthy is a visionary poet and keen enthusiast for change. Born in Mumbai, her experiences and discoveries brought her to Amherst, Massachusetts at the turn of the century.

Having toiled in labs for a decade, her journey into writing poetry began in a moment of epiphany just under two years ago. She chased her dreams and quickly published three books, first bearing subtle poetic elements in Diya: A Megawatt Approach to Change in 2015and two full-length poetry collections, Spark (2016) and A Beginning to the End (2017). Her books reflect life woven with a powerful perspective on development and a need for change.

Aruna’s upcoming work of poetry is a creative journey of perceptions and change. In her quest to spread peace through poetry, She reads her poems at poetry festivals and featured readings across North Carolina and shares her passion for words with the world through social media.

An advocate of peace and human empowerment, Aruna feels that true change can happen when one immerses oneself in the community and empathizes with others’ minds. She stands up for rural literacy, underprivileged children, elderly with Alzheimer’s, young adults with learning disability and many such socio-medical causes.

Aruna lives with her family- her husband and toddler daughter in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She loves her life and plants, has an avid ear for music of all hues and enjoys lap swimming. She enjoys basketball and is a fan of the Duke Blue Devils.


Aruna Gurumurthy


Aruna Gurumurthy, Writer