Cora Food Pantry Cook Book

Cora Food Pantry's Chatham County Cookbook

Cora Pantry’s Chatham Co. Cooks

Chatham County Cooks

The Chatham County Cooks cookbook is a fundraiser for SNACK, a program of CORA Food Pantry that provides food to disadvantaged Chatham County school children in the summer when the free and low-cost meals they receive at school are unavailable for them.  In 2012 1007 children received food through the SNACK program.
Cora Food Pantry (Chatham OutReach Alliance) was created in 1989 by a coalition of Chatham County churches.  That first year CORA provided 53 families with emergency food.  Today CORA is the largest food pantry in Chatham County.  It is open 5 days a week year round. In fiscal year 2011/12 CORA distributed: 185 TONS of food To 17,094 individuals Food for 358,974 meals 22% more food than the previous year and 40% more than two years ago 88 Cents of every dollar contributed to CORA goes directly to our food assistance programs.                                                                         

Any family or individual in Chatham County may receive food assistance from CORA by obtaining a referral from a county or nonprofit human services agency or from a church pastor.  These clients receive a week’s worth of groceries equivalent to 21 balanced meals for each family member, up to six times in a 12-month period.  The Food Pantry is set up like a grocery store, and clients choose their own food, with the help of a CORA volunteer, in quantities based on family size, giving them a feeling of empowerment and self esteem in a time of great difficulty.

Cora Food Pantry Cook Book