Diane Ness, Fashion Clothing

Diane Ness red Jacket

Diane Ness Red Jacket

High quality linen from California   ~   tafetta and silks from Iowa   ~ top quality construction
I design wearable items  for women that are unusual and fun. 
Angel Designs came out of a love for sewing and designing unusual, out of the box clothing for women to wear and have fun ……

Most of my work uses 100% cotton hand painted Batik material, silk, and linen. My designs are an extension of my style: artsy, colorful, comfortable, stylish and fun…as soon as I finish one jacket, I’m excited about starting the next.  I’ll search until I find the perfect silk lining for a jacket or just the right button to finish off the design… I’ve always had a gift for flair and knowing what works with any look!  Making art-to-wear remains the most satisfying way I know to indulge in my passion of working with rich, textural fabrics.  I treat the luxurious fabrics I use like palettes, adding additional texture and interest through piecing topstitch and layering.


Diane Ness, Designer Clothing