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Diantha Rau Gentle Me Home cd

Diantha Rau Gentle Me Home Cd

My music grows from personal and spiritual growth, found through my love of the Earth and the many other teachers I have been honored to know.

I love dwelling in the permeable blend of all things where the softness of connection is entered and honored with deep respect. My role at this time seems to be to reacquaint myself and others with that soft connectionto engage with the gentle things in life and their many offerings, to be a voice for gentle ways in a troubled world…


“Diantha takes us on a journey to places beautiful, and safe, sad and wondrous, and deep
ly nourishing. Each time I listen, I hear something new. It feeds my soul, over and over.”   – Bernadette Bohman
Dear Angels (book)
This book was an attempt at honesty, from a need to be heard. Having written privately and for friends for over 20 years, Dear Angels was a daring attempt to open up, which served also as a contribution to my community. I was deeply honored by the support I received to publish the book, and by the praise I received from those who read it. In one such memorable moment, I was at a public event and a young stranger came to me shaking my hand vigorously, telling me this book had completely transformed his grieving process. He had recently lost a loved one. I continue to be moved and renewed by each person who tells me a personal tale about their relationship with my book. Thank you, all. 
…to share what it means to perceive deeply and name what is found there.

Diantha Rau, Music Cds & Book