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Gina Boyle music tile

Gina Boyle Music Tile

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My name is Gina Boyle and my family and I recently moved to a new state and started a new phase of our lives.  My oldest child started college, my youngest child is in high school (enough said), my husband threw himself into his athletic hobbies (cycling and running and the occasional triathlon) so I decided it was time to get my hands dirty and make the art that’s been swirling around in my mind for a very long time.

Once upon a time, I painted children’s furniture and wall art, whimsical loud pieces that resemble the style you’ll see here on my mosaics.  But as my children hit driving age and I left the world of youngsters, I found myself pulled towards a different medium, and that’s where the mixed media mosaics come in.


I create handmade, mixed media mosaics that combine words, quotations, colors, and textures in a bold, one-of-a-kind style. All sculptural and quotation/word tiles are handmade — by me —  using a 9-step process.

Yes, it takes for-e-ver.

Each piece is an original work that cannot be replicated, and I truly dote and agonize over every single tile.  It’s probably a little silly, but each one feels like an independent sculpture to me, each piece has a little story and if you catch me at an art show, I’ll be more than happy to tell you those stories.

People ask me all the time where I buy my tiles, or where they can get “those quotation tiles”.  They ask me even after I tell them I make them all by hand.  So again, the answer is: You can find them…nowhere.  I make each one, by hand, for my own mosaic work, and only mine.


For me, the work matters because it “says” — in clay at least — some of the things we don’t say in polite company.  Our beliefs.  Philosophy.  Wonderings.  Worries.  Dreams.  You’ve heard of  “small talk”?  I hope that the words and ideas in my mosaics encourage “big talk”.  The kind of talks and discussions that happened at 3am with your college roommate, when it was dark and everyone would just say what they carried inside.  I think big talk is the only talk that matters.

I hope you find a piece that resonates with you, whether through the words, the colors, or textures; we all connect to art in different ways.

With enough lead time, I do custom work, whether it includes the words and quotations that mean something to you, particular words of inspiration for someone you love, or maybe even a piece that includes all the wild wisdom your grandmother used to say.  Just ask.  I love making things for people.



Gina Boyle

Gina Boyle

Gina Boyle, Mosaic Tiles