Kathy Morgan, Greeting Cards

Kathy Morgan studied fine arts at Wayne State University in Michigan.  She says:

Most of my drawings are inspired by nature, mostly animals and plants.  I also enjoy drawing still life.  I use mainly oil-based prisma color pencils . . . initially sketching lightly, then gently adding layer upon layer of color until the drawing comes to life . . . sometimes the negative spaces are also as alive as the rest.  My “vision” is to remind the viewer how beautiful life and nature is.

I always work on acid free papers, often linen and museum quality for framed and unframed prints.  Cards and prints are available in several sizes and may be ordered.

 Kathy especially loves to do pet portraits, and can create a painting with the personality and details using several photographs, or just one.  Please contact the Joyful Jewel to make arrangements.



Kathy Morgan


Kathy Morgan, Painting