Marcia E. Herman, Writer

Marcia Herman Sipping My Garden book

Marcia Herman “Sipping My Garden”

Marcia is a lifelong gardener and lover of herbs who grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. In addition to a full time career in pediatrics and public health, she has studied the science and lore of herbs for many years and assisted with the establishment of the Medicinal Garden in the Mercer Reeves Hubbard Herb Garden at the NC Botanical Gardens. Marcia lives in Pittsboro, NC, in hearing distance of the Haw River.

Sipping My Garden was first published early in 2012 and sold out within the year. The second edition has a new chapter on herbal teas and children. Writing the book was a love affair with everyday plants that can be used to make teas and a celebration of the joys and goodness of the simple, yet magical process of putting leaves and hot water together. Encouraging participation in the local food movement was another reward.
Marcia Herman with book

Marcia E. Herman

Marcia E. Herman, Writer