Terry Perkinson “Jo Jo the Gremlin”

“Jo Jo the Gremlin” Terry Perkinson Green & Blue Patterned Wool, Nylon Sweater, Cotton Batik Fabric, & Other I know a little girl who got “Olivia Owl” for her birthday and I know that this owl will be so well loved.  Who will love this Jo Jo Gremlin by Terry Perkinson.  Made with love from […]

Patrick Hitesman “Summer Vacation Imbibing”

Summer Vacation Imbibing Patrick Hitesman Painting With his summer vacation about to be over, art teacher Patrick Hitesman, must already be missing the extra time for the pursuits pictured in these of his paintings!  Leisurely sipping on the sail boat, sharing grapes with his beloved, watching the antics of his children while sipping a beer […]

Roberta Kraitsik “Knit Washcloths”

Knit Washcloths Roberta Kraitsik Acrylic Knit These are the best washcloths ever!  I used to get them from my mother in law.  She is gone now so I am glad that Roberta Kraitsik still makes them.  Colorful and with just enough “bite” from the weave to scrub bits of food off the plates. Not high […]

Erin Dail “Sterling Silver Wire Crochet Necklace Purple & Green”

“Sterling Silver Crochet Wire Necklace” Erin Dail Sterling Silver Wire, Malachite Gemstones, Glass Beads What pretty colors – Erin Dail’s Sterling Silver Crochet Wire Necklace.”  I love purple and green together, and for this necklace there is a matching pair of earrings.  Erin used a variety of gemstones interlaced among the crochet stitches, and sterling […]

Beth Shaffer “Copper Tea Pot Wind Chime” at the Joyful Jewel

Yesterday Beth Shaffer brought in a number of new utensil wind chimes.  This relatively small one with it’s delicate silver pitcher is my favorite.  It is elegant in composition as well as the fine tinkling chime which comes to life with the slightest of movement!  These chimes make great gifts as they are guaranteed to bring a […]

Carolyn Levy “Lidded Turtle Box”

“Lidded Turtle Box” Carolyn Levy Pottery, ~ 4″ x 6″ A sea turtle swims gracefully along the front side, and again in sepia on one of the other sides, of this clay lidded box by Carolyn Levy.  The perfectly fitting and elaborately adorned lid is easy to remove and replace with it’s finial and the […]

Judy Hogan “This River” book

“This River” by Judy Hogan book Wise heart words from Judy Hogan, bravely spoken about an international love affair. “The River” features poetry from one river – The Haw – and another – in Russia. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our newsletter. […]

Shannon Bueker “Peony & Ghost Hound”

“Peony & the Ghost Hound” Shannon Bueker Watercolor In this large painting, Shannon Bueker has painted magic!  The peony is bold as it should be and is being sharply eyed by an ethereal being, the Ghost Hound.  Some of you writers out there, please tell more the story. Surely this could be a whole novel, […]

Nancy L. Smith “Migration” Collage

“Migration” Nancy L. Smith Bees Wax Collage This is a brand new and lovely media for painter Nancy Smith.  The process is interesting and here is what Nancy says about bees wax painting: Bees Wax Collage is a hot wax art form using pure bees wax as a glue to attach collage elements (most often […]

Susan Ketchin “The Christ-Haunted Landscape”

“The Christ-Haunted Landscape: Faith and Doubt in Southern Fiction” by Susan Ketchin book Have you ever wondered about the inspiration writers call upon?  Susan Ketchin has explored the topic “Faith and Doubt in Southern Fiction” in her book “The Christ Haunted Landscape.”  In it are her deeply thoughtful commentaries and insightful interviews with twelve popular […]