HP Pelzel & Sandra Boyd-Pelzel – Raku VSES

“Raku Vases” HP Pelzel & Sandy Boyd-Pelzel Ceramic $22 each      The raku pottery process is a very unique ceramic firing process.  Special clay that can withstand thermal shock is used to create a pottery piece.  After the pottery has been bisque fired, it is glazed with special raku glazes and fired to a temperature […]

Kate Ladd Bistro Table & Chair Set

“Bistro Table & Chair Set” Kate Ladd Painted Furniture $275 Just arrived!  Sunny pedestal table and two stools. A super set for a small kitchen, a screened porch, or a beach house.  ~ Kate Ladd Wouldn’t this be cute on your porch or covered patio?  Just right for an relaxing breakfast among birdsong or an […]

Gerald Dukes – The Haw River

“The Haw River” Gerald Dukes Photography, 5” x 30” $225, Matted Unframed or $400 Framed            The Haw River has multi-colored leaves ranging from golden yellow, awesome reds dangling from beautiful trees in the Fall. Back in the day this was a two lane bridge not four. It was so easy then to see the water […]

Lisa Garber – Origami Goldfish Earrings

“Origami Goldfish earrings” Lisa Garber Paper with Sterling Silver and Glass Crystals $18 Lisa Garber’s creative name is Senba Designs. Senba refers to senbazuru (literally, a thousand birds or a thousand wings), the thousand origami cranes famously folded by atomic bomb victim Sadako Sasaki with a prayer for the end of suffering. I believe no […]

On a Monday

They look like relatives, young adults with slight figures, penetrating brown eyes, dark hair, a certain presence about them. They browse engagingly, as people love to do here at the Jewel.  He’s recovering from a demanding school career.     I ask what he does. Music, he says, opera.      There are many people around here […]

Marty Broda, Everything is Connected

  “Everything Is Connected Gaia Spirit Wall Hanging Marty Broda Mixed Media, $400 Gaia Spirit Wall Hanging “Everything Is Connected” combines energies of the Four Directions and Four Elements.  Featured is the interconnecting webbing vine that grows into and out of itself.  Egg & birdsnest, snakeskin, feathers & shells, gems & crystals, bring their magic.  […]

Forrest Greenslade “Masai Mara Momma”

Masai Mara Momma Forrest Greenslade Watercolor & Colored Pencil, 28 ¾ x 24 5/8” framed $800 This engaging piece was painted from a photograph that Forrest took on a camera safari when he was working in Kenya, Africa in the late 1980s.  Forrest said pregnant cheetahs can’t run as fast and often don’t make it […]