Gloria Howell “Alpaca Neck Art”

“Alpaca Neck Art” Gloria Howell Alpaca with bead adornment I know it’s hot but so is this fabulous alpaca neck piece by Gloria Howell!  Gloria’s art is made from the shearing of her friends — and that must feel soooo good to them during this hot weather.  Here is what she says about her work: […]

Jennifer Hendrix & Laura Schmidt “Oscar” Book

“Oscar” by Jennifer Hendrix and Laura Schmidt We each write a piece as it flows out from inspiration, and pass it back and forth. However, Oscar reads as one voice. We don’t know how each story will unfold and what Oscar will be getting into until we write it. Bill Colt, the illustrator for Oscar, […]

Allison East “Wise Guy”

“Old Codger” Allison East Yarn & Such Here is a guest for today’s Independence Day picnic. I named him “Wise Guy” because every picnic, every family, every gathering needs one.   He will keep an eye out for any unwanted guests and bring you an extra smiling “Whoop” during the fireworks.  Thank you to Allison […]

Tim Smith “Laid Back”

“Laid Back” Tim Smith clay I think this guy is taking a day off! – like many of you on this Friday before Independence Day.  I recommend, and Tim Smith does too, to spend a few minutes of it being “Laid Back!.” ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us […]

Ralph Earle “The Way the Rain Works”

“The Way the Rain Works” by Ralph Earle book I have been reading Ralph Earle’s beautiful-to-look-at newly published poetry book.  He described the first half of the book as a meditation, a way of coping with his divorce.  Although my own divorce was long ago and I have been happily married now for over 20 […]

Carolyn Hutchison “Yellow Hair”

“Yellow Hair” Carolyn Hutchison wood, metal & plastic sculpture Carolyn Hutchison began making these wood faces after she retired from being Chief of Police in Carrboro.  This one is a favorite of mine, using the yellow strands from a plastic bag.  What fun! Carolyn: I enjoy ‘making faces’ using materials that would otherwise be landfill-bound: […]

Marjorie Hudson “Searching for Virginia Dare” Book

“Searching for Virginia Dare” by Marjorie Hudson Award-winning writer Marjorie Hudson is author of Searching for Virginia Dare, a classic journey into early American history and the fate of America’s first English child, born on a wilderness island off the coast of North Carolina. Part road trip, part historical research, part memoir, this North Carolina Arts […]

Donna Cassidy “Leaf Shawl”

“Leaf Shawl” Donna Cassidy Crochet Floating through the day, this is how I would feel wearing this leafy, airy, colorful shawl by Donna Cassidy. ~~~ See new pieces on FaceBook Follow us on Twitter @TheJoyfulJewel Call us at (919) 883-2775 Subscribe to our newsletter. The Joyful Jewel Website Connect with Owner Mariah Wheeler on LinkedIn

Marcia E. Herman “Sipping My Garden” Book

                    “Sipping My Garden” by Marcia E. Herman Sweet scene that Marcia E. Herman set up at the Joyful Jewel to show her book, “Sipping My Garden” being used.  The jar is lemon balm and the tea pot represents the tea Marcia made from herbs and […]

Kimberly Godon “Christ on the Cross”

“Christ on the Cross” Kimberly Godon Iron Railroad Spikes, Forged & Welded with Copper Wire Crown Kimberly Godon created this “Christ” from welding and forging old railroad spikes she has gathered on abandoned tracks and copper wire. Here is what she says about her art:   Spike art is made from railroad spikes, bolts, clamps and […]