Margaret Harrelll “Keep This Quiet! a Memoir”

“Keep This Quiet! A Memoir by Margaret A. Harrell book Did you ever wonder what it would have been like to know Hunter S. Thompson?  Well author Margaret Harrell knew it well and tells all! Volume I – Keep This Quiet: My Relationship with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, and Jan Mensaert:    “Margaret Harrell’s Keep This Quiet! offers […]

Kim Hawks “Yucca”

“Yucca” Kim Hawks Photography I will never look at a yucca the same again after seeing this stunning photograph by Kim Hawks.  The image is as if I could just reach out my hand and feel the cool drops, rub my fingers along the serrated fronds, linger my gaze on the hint of purple.  What […]

Anora McGaha/When Women Waken “Grief” Journal

“Grief: When Women Waken” Anora McGaha, Editor A Journal of Poetry, Prose & Images $10, black & white version I have been perusing the “hard copy” versions of the Journals of “When Women Waken” and have been especially struck by this journal devoted to Grief.  This book contains 171 entries submitted by writers and visual […]

Forrest Greenslade – 2 Dog Sketches

2 Dog Sketches Forrest Greenslade Ink with touches of watercolor Forrest Greenslade calls this series of ink & water color sketches “Doggie Doodles.”  The top one is a Basset Hound showing every bit of soulful pleading eyes and floppy ears that make this breed so adorable.  The second one is a Siberian Husky that belongs […]

Nora Gaskin “Until Proven” a Mystery

“Until Proven: A Mystery in 2 Parts” by Nora Gaskin book Nora Gaskin is a Pittsboro writer who conceived a mystery novel that took place in a town very similar to our own.  There is even a picture of a court house on the front that looks suspiciously familiar!  It is an intriguing read that […]

Patrick Hitesman “Fruitini”

“Fruitini” Patrick Hitesman Oil on Canvas, Original Looks good enough to drink — and eat -“Fruitini” indeed! Patrick Hitesman has painted a pure delight. This durable painting, with an an oil-painted surface that could be washed off if need be, would be nice reminder to relax in the kitchen or on the patio. I hope […]

Gerald Dukes “Chickadee”

“Chickadee” Gerald O. Dukes Photograph Yummm, a grub!  Gerald Dukes has photographed this chickadee in action. I love the softly pink faded out background and the razor sharp bird image.  Shows each of the many shades of black, gray and white and even the blackest eye against black feathers.  Nice shot! ~~~ See new pieces […]

Tommy Edwards CD “NC History, Mystery, Lore & More”

“NC History, Mystery, Lore & More” CD Tommy Edwards $15 Tommy Edwards uses songs from bluegrass masters to set the tone. But his original “hidden gems” are the heart of the record, and they artfully expose the underbelly of lost love, broken lives and corporate greed in our society. The harmonies are soft as silk […]

Wendy Wilkins “Lucky Slugs”

“Lucky Slugs” Wendy Wilkins Polymer Clay and Ink $7.95 each “You’ve been slugged” says Wendy Wilkins!  These are lucky slugs though each one destined to bring something to their companion — heart, jazzy, wishes.  Everyone needs a slug on their desk to bring out the smile in the day. Website:  Newsletter subscription:   FaceBook:  Linked In: […]

Bonnie Franklin “Goatsmilk Cream”

Goatsmilk Cream Face & Body Cream Bonnie Franklin 4 oz. jar $12.00 If you’ve never tried Bonnie Franklin’s creams and soaps you are missing out on a sensual luxury. Bonnie uses natural healthy ingredients and leaves out the things we don’t want on our skin or in our waterways.  This cream includes purified water, goat […]